Worried mother to #4

I went to the ER room lastnight because i start bleeding i was 7weeks pregnant but i had no clots nore was hurting but i went. To find out that i am 6weeks pregnant got a scan the doctor saw the sack but embryo they call it threaten miscarriage. I really wanted baby 4 . i wonder will the embryo grow she said maybe its early or i may have a miscarriage do anyone have advise have they went through this and had a great outcome. And i am still bleeding but no clots and no pain

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I am not sure I can be of much help but have had a miscarriage so my experience may give you an idea? I started to bleed a little before bleeding a lot and having severe cramps. I had one scan and there was a heartbeat, then another following the weekend where there was nothing at all. I then had a successful pregnancy. I am pregnant again and had what looked like Brown bleeding so was referred for a scan. I was 6 weeks 1 day when they measured and there was a heartbeat. Do you have a long cycle? I always get out back a week due to my 35 day cycle. If so, it may be too early for a heartbeat? Mine was probably only just visible.


I had bleeding at 6 weeks and they did a scan, and only saw a sac. They said it might be too soon and I had to go back a week later (the bleeding stopped). Then there was a heart beat. So for me it was just one of those things... implantation bleeding or simply bleeding but not a miscarriage. This pregnancy turned into my now 3 year old boy. Fingers crossed it's the same for you!


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