What to do?

Hey ladies ,

Here's my story .

My husband and I got married four months ago , we haven't talked about pregnancy at all. This week I been feeling very moody, when I'm about to get my period my breasts becomes very sensitive , and I get lots of cramps then two days later my period comes . But this week has been different I been having cramps my breasts are extremely sensitive , and no period yet , this been going for about a week.

Tuesday I decided to take a pregnancy test , I had one at home turns out positive , went to cvs , bought a couple more they were all positive . So I went to the doctor theirs was negative .

On Wednesday I decided to go in for a blood test , Thursday morning I got a result which said 22 hcg. They told me looks like its positive .

On Friday (today) I woke up shivering from cramps , and my period came.

What should I do ?

Please help .

Thank you !!

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Is it a full blown period, you can have bleeding that's called implantation bleeding. Or it could be an early miscarriage which happens more than people realise. The only thing you can really do is go see your doctor or wait for a while and take another test. It's a horrible feeling to think you might have miscarried I was in the same position at easter last year, however im not due any day. As i had my miscarriage then fell pregnant again immediately.

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