Hormones Imbalance

Hi ladies,

Recently I had my check up with gyno and result of my thyroid test clear and ultrasound also clear. The reason behind the test is to identify why my period irregular, hair loss, weight gain, and few others factor. And my doctor says that my hormones is not balance and he suggested me to take birth control pills to balance my hormones and make my period on regular.

Actually, my husband and I has been trying to conceive for few months but no luck.

Please share me your stories.

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  • Is that the only way to get hormones balanced? Doesn't he realise you have been trying to conceive? It took me and my partner 5 years to get pregnant And I had only been on pill for about 4 years. Sadly lost baby thought that may have been my only chance however, feel again about 4 months later, now 26 weeks! If you start taking birth control pills again surely when you stop taking them periods will go back to being irregular. i would recommend a clear blue ovulation test, fell after using it for one month. It will happen for you though, best wishes X

  • Wow...congratulations!! oven in making.

    yes he does. and its the only way that he recommended for me to get my hormones balance. do you think its possible to get pregnant even with my irregular period? or I should just get normal supplements?

  • It depend on how irregular, if you get 1 period every 10 weeks or longer then I would say no, best to go with docs advice. But if your periods are only like 4-9 weeks apart you may as well keep trying. We thought I was ovulating say day 11-15 of cycle, but then used ovulation test and turned out I was actually ovulating on day 18. All depends on your cycle xx

  • Normally range between 27 days to 34 days before the next period. If so, we just use the ovulation test. I tried it before once or twice but gave up. Maybe now I should try it again.

    Thanks for the tips

  • I would give them another try, but if you and hubby are still young and not in a rush you may just want to let nature happen. But if hormones r causing other issues besides irregular periods you need to weigh up what's better for you right now. Only reason me and my partner got ovulation tests was because although I am only 26 he is 50 and we didn't feel like we could wait for things to happen naturally, especially because nothing had happened after 5 years. X

  • Yes, my hormones does cause another issues besides irregular periods such as hair loss, gain weight and insomnia. We have been trying for 2 years now. I am coming 28 years old and I would prefer when I am old, my kids would be an adult. I hope ovulation test, eat healthy and supplements would help.

  • Let me no when it happens, as it will. Best of luck x

  • Sure. Thanks hun!

  • i had the same problem with my hormones, i also suffer with thyroid problems... but being off any contraception i managed to get pregnant fine i went through doing my period dates on an app to try and conceive i found out yesterday i was 5 weeks. with thyroid problems the doctor try to stop you having a baby till its all treated but dont let them put you off and palm you off with contraception when your trying. best of luck x

  • Congrats... that is a good news. well, i also using period dates app too but nothing works for me till now. thats why i am considering another methods as well. thanks hun!

  • my periods have always been irregular, i have a seven year old and am due any day now with a second baby boy. Its entirely possible to fall pregnant with irregular periods, the key is to be healthy

  • Congratulations.. :D okay, thanks. if you can, so do i.

  • I could have 2 in a month then not have one for 2 month

  • thats very long apart. mine vary by days every month

  • Keep your chin up my dear and just go with the flow stress can only make things worse

  • thanks hun!

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