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Scared I'm having a miscarriage

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I'm currently 11+2 weeks pregnant with my second child. It's Monday now. On Friday evening I started bleeding, red blood. During the night I didn't seem to bleed much more as there was nothing in my underwear. During Saturday, there would have been red blood each time I wiped after going to the toilet. I decided to phone the hospital who told me to use a pad for the next 3 hours and then phone them back. I did this and would say there was a moderate amount in the pad. They referred me to the EPU who would phone me on Monday (today). I have been wearing pads since then and would describe the bleeding as something similar in amount to a period. Always red blood. I've had some lower back pain and very mild cramps which come and go, but I wouldn't say they were painful as such. The EPU phoned and can't see me until tomorrow. The bleeding has been slightly heavier today. I've changed my pad 3 times when it's only been twice the past few days (as well as an overnight pad). I've also had some small and rather dark clots and in the past few hours I've noticed some thin clear slimey like discharge in with the blood when wiping. Has anyone experienced anything similar to this?

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Wow wth do you stay??? I'm not qualified to argue w/ nurses or doctors, but I don't see how they never called you in. I would have went to the hospital, or ER... I have never had bleeding during pregnancy, so I can't tell you much. But you should go to the hospital ASAP. Have someone check you out vs. providing you with instructions over the phone...but it's Tuesday, so I guess you can just go to EPU. . .its not something I would wait for... I would be concerned w/ any kind of bleeding like that, but thats just me. I hope everything is ok with you and baby.


This sounds like such a horribly stressful time. I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy. I saw my GP who said to 'see how it goes' but it got worse so we went to A&E. I agree with Expecting1. You should have been checked right away. Obviously I am not saying you are having a miscarriage. Plenty of people bleed during pregnancy and go on to have healthy babies! Is your scan this morning?

I now have an 18 month old son and am pregnant again but I am having Brown bleeding so am off for a scan tomorrow.

I really hope everything goes well for you.

I can't believe they made you wait!! The only way to know if it's a mc is if they scan you, even if you bleed heavily they need to scan you so I don't know what they haven't done it!! It might just be implantation bleeding! I'm sorry you've had to wait with this on your mind! I'll cross my fingers all is ok!😊

I'm sorry to hear you were made to wait so long. I had a similar experience I bled all through my first trimester visited emergency gp but had to wait 5 days for scan at EPU. Hope you get a scan at EPU asap so you can find out exactly what's going on. Good luck and hope all goes well for you x

Hello, I'm going through the exact same thing. I'm a little over 7 weeks and Sunday (Jan. 15) I started to spot so I went the ER. This is my very first pregnancy, as me and my husband have been trying for almost 3 years (finally succeeding with help from a fertility specialist). Anyway they did both blood and urine samples (all coming back good) but right before my U/S I started to bleed more. The scan showed the sac was positioned lower then normal, but still far my cervix and there was also a heartbeat (which is what I'm holding on to). Not to scare you at all but the Dr called it a Threatened Miscarriage and said it could go either way. So basically now it's just a waiting game. I've been bleeding every since then, not enough to soak one pad in an hr, but enough to have to wear a pad. Similar pains and aches to my period and really sore boobs. I'm going in today for a scan to get an update at 3 praying for a favorable report! I hope maybe this helped a bit and I pray everything is fine with you as well!

Hi AshBGosh0902 how did you get on today? I've been hoping you have had good news, best wishes Becc

Hey, unfortunately I don't have good news to deliver. When we went for the ultrasound yesterday the little bean was gone. Yesterday was difficult but today I feel better thinking about the brighter side of things. The dr reassured me there was nothing I could've done different to prevent it from happening. After almost 3 years of trying I'm sad but also happy that we FINALLY succeeded!! In 6 weeks we should be able to try again so I'm hopeful and looking forward to it.

I am so sorry to hear that, I know exactly how you feel, me and partner had tried for 5 years and last March found out I was pregnant, however in April when I went for 12 scan was told there was no heartbeat, felt like the pain would never end, 3 months fell again currently 26 weeks, so don't lose hope you WILL get another chance, Please don't give up hope though. If you EVER need to chat, feel free to contact me. Again I am so sorry, Becca x

Thank you to everyone for all your replies.

We went this morning to the EPU and although both the midwife and doctor expressed some feeling of hope, the scan revealed our worst and most heartbreaking fears.... there was no heartbeat 💔😢. Sadly we have lost out little one and they have joined all the other beautiful angels flying high.

I've chosen to go home and try and let the process happen naturally and will return next week for another scan to check how things have went.

I'm absolutely heartbroken 💔

So sorry to hear that, it's so hard same happened to me at my 12 week scan there was heartbeat, ending up having the operation I don't think you will need one though as it seems to be happening naturally, if you ever need to talk I am hear, once again I am so sorry for your loss xx

I'd go get another ultrasound done to make sure that everything is okay that can be very scary

Dear all,

I have just chanced upon this thread & wantes to check in & ask how everyone is a year on? I am so sorry for the loss & was once in same position - Jan though to approx May 2014 was an awful time, as we lost our first at 7 weeks, no heartbeat, delayed miscarriage /mmc Miscarriage Association a great help & friends & family in the end. I did totally f up by going to a Baby Show with mum & sister in May 2014 though (sis announced pregnancy March 2014, but had mc herself Aug/Sept 2013 at 5 weeks, so couldn't fault her). Very bad plan tho!...Pregnant again July 2014 & our little boy will be 3 in April. I hope you have now been as lucky too, fingers X for you (I had a mc again in Nov 2017 - round 6/7 weeks again). My sis has a 3 year old & a 1 year old (our other sis with type 1 diabetes has twin 2 year old girls). There is hope. Best wishes to everyone.

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