hi i am taking mesigyna for a year and someting now bin on it b4 for like 2yrs and some months but recently had a baby and just so out of d blues i havent seen my preiod in like 3mths and going i had many home pregnancy tests done and they all came negative went to d hospital cuz i was feeling and seeing movement in my belly all test came back negative but i know something is there how can i be sure that i am not pregnant but i know that i am?????

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  • Are you breastfeeding? My periods didn't return until my son was 16 months! Even without having breastfeeding I think it can take a while to return to normal.

  • If you are taking hormonal contraceptives these can affect your periods too. If you had a scan and negative test then you're not pregnant. To see your tummy move due to pregnancy you'd be 7/8 months pregnant and that would be picked up!

  • All the tests were negative. Normally the blood test is very accurate. Highly unlikely that you are pregnant.

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