Bleeding while pregnant

Hi I'm new here and not sure if this will even work but am hoping for the best. I need help in determining if I am pregnant and if I am having a problem pregnancy. Okay so I had unprotected sex while on my period in which my husband did ejaculate in me. That day or the next my period stopped. For the next two months my period only has been 2-3 days when it always has been 5 or 6 days. I always use half or more of a 36 box of tampons but have only been using like 6 for the past two months. I also took a pregnancy test for both months but came out negetive. The last period came a week early and my chests grew to a bigger cup in like a month.

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  • It is highly unlikely to get pregnant on the first day of your period if you are regular unless by a miracle. You have done 2 tests which are all negative. Your period becoming shorter and having pregnancy symptoms could have a different explanation. Talk to your Gp if you are still concerned. Sorry I couldn't tell you any good news....

  • But it wasn't the first day it was like day 2 or 3 then it stopped after he ejaculated. My periods are normally 5 days. The other thing is I had a lot of white fluids before my next period to the point I thought I had a yeast infection and the two periods started with brown discharge then went red for one day then completely stop the next.

  • Anywhere within the first four days of your period if you are regular again is highly unlikely. You can test again by all means. Like I said already I would see a Gp if concerned. Wishing you all the best

  • Okay thanks

  • Periods can change over time.!it doesn't sound like you are pregnant from your details

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