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5 month old sleep problems


My lg is 5 months old and has been eating puréed veg and jars for about 3 weeks now. She's started waking up twice during the night for a bottle. She's never been the best sleeper but had just started sleeping through. This started at new year when she had a tummy bug. It's like having a new born again. HV said I need to persevere . I need sleep. Help

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she is only five months and even though she was sleeping through doesn't mean it is permanent Mum. She could be coming down with anything. The following affects sleep patterns; growth spurts, Environmental temperature changes, just wanting reassurance and warmth, could genuinely need a top up, e.t.c Be patient and hopefully whatever it is will resolve soon.

Hi , I've had the same with my daughter. She is almost 7 months old now and feeds at least 2-3 times a night. However I am breastfeeding. I think that like other person has said that it will get better though because They're going through something all the time. My daughter is teething, has seperation anxiety, starting to learn how to crawl which I think all affect her so you just gotta wait and see. Not much help but maybe you can sleep in the day if someone is able to take care of her?

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I think she's having a growth spurt. I fed her last night when I went to bed while she was still asleep and she woke up at 4 then back to sleep until 7. I'm going to try that again and hopefully she'll start sleeping again. Good luck and thanks xx

Elmedina in reply to Thekaz032

Yes maybe, good luck 😊

My daughter slept great as a baby, then once she started eating and crawling etc she started to wake more! She's now 20 months and still has a bottle of milk in the night! However she goes to bed great at 7 and likes to sleep in so I can't really complain! She'll have a spell of a few weeks of sleeping through, but the shell get poorly or something and it's all thrown out the window!

Remember that we are not born sleeping at night and awake all day, it's something we have to learn to do and takes most of us years! But that doesn't stop people being judgemental... I've found lots of people judge me for still giving her milk in the night, why??? It's really good for her and she obviously still needs it.

Keep up your great work at being a mummy 😊 and just try to steal the odd hours when you can! X x

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