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6 week old - chickenpox

Hi guys, my 6 wk old daughter has come up in chickenpox. Her 5 yr old brother had it 2 weeks prior and so it was unavoidable. Although she seems well in herself, the pox seem quite bad, her whole body is covered in them. It seems she has got them worse than her brother.

Does anyone know how her immunity to chickenpox will work? As she's having a pretty full on Case of it at this age, will she now be immune?

FYI - she is being exclusively breast fed and as I had already had chicken pox as a girl, i was hoping she would get my immunity, but obviously not.

Thank you

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She have got some immunity to be well with it. Good news is that you are breastfeeding and giving her the best of nature. With chicken pox it's really about symptom control I.e if she complains of excessive itching you can use calamine lotion. This is easily bought over the counter. The itching may get worse at night due to extra warmth from covers. Unfortunately she can't have other meds due to age. Paracetamol can be given in case of a fever. If you are concerned about anything please contact your Doctor . Most people think that once you have had chicken pox that is it. It can re occur but presenting with mild symptoms. Bcoz her brother had it and he was in close proximity then it was inevitable. Keep her finger nails short just in case she starts scratching. Wishing her a quick recovery. Sending lots of hugs from us 😊

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My first caught cp at 4 months old, from her cousin who we visited 2 days before her spots came out! She will be 5 years old in March, has been to preschool since she was 2 1/2 yo so went through two winters with other children at preschool catching cp and didn't catch it. She had a lot of spots but like you say didn't seem particularly unwell with it, thankfully. No guarantee she won't get it again and I will make sure she knows to tell a midwife when/if she gets pregnant when she's older (much, much older) that she had it but under a year, if she hasn't caught it again. My second child made it to a year without having it, so I paid to have him immunised. I asked the man doing the vaccine if I should get my first vaccinated as she'd had it at 4 months and even though he would have got more money out of me he said no... sorry I can't answer you question, but we're in the same boat so I'd be interested in what others say.


Unfortunately no one can tell if she will now be immune to it. It's totally possible for anyone to catch chicken pox more than once. I've worked in nurseries & known children to get it twice.

Hope she gets over it soon bless her xx


I'm 36+1 and have never had CP. I worry as I heard that getting it as an adult can be really bad! X


There is a vaccine now, the USA and many European countries include it in their standard childhood vaccination routine, the NHS hasn't caught up yet. Talk to your GP or midwife if you have been exposed to chicken pox while pregnant.


In all honesty immunity is a nullpoint, My brother in law has had it seven times, just cos youve had it once doesnt mean you wont get it again unfortunately.


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