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Twins... Nightmare at night


Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone had any ideas as to what I can do... My twin boys (non-identical) are 10 months old ... Twin two used to sleep through but now wakes frequently.. His wakings I can only describe as a mini tantrums but still looks asleep!! It takes a few mouthfuls of milk to calm him back to sleep. He is teething but I'm hoping I can sort this as I'm getting no sleep and have to be up at 5am to start morning routine for work!!!

Twin one is similar but not as bad!!

Any ideas would be gratefully received

Thanks 😴😴😴

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My baby does the same thing now at 5 months! Does he take a pacifier? I discovered that if i gave him this he would grunt a minute and then sleep the rest of the evening.

Maybe this would work for your babies too!

Other then that i keep on repeat its a phase its a phase!! Haha

Good luck!

Teething can be very painful for some little ones. If you think he is teething then giving paracetamol and Ibuprofen before bed time is a good idea. It won't do any harm either way. Hope it all settle down soon. If they were settled before then there is s reason for it. Also growth spurts can cause babies to temporarily have a disturbed pattern.

lmblckmr in reply to Muminspire1

Thanks, I'll try the pain relief tonight and hope for the best!!

I feel your pain, my baby is 8 months old, he hasn't slept a full night since he was born! We found out he had an intolerance to the protein in his milk so changed him onto prescribed milk, which settled him a bit but he's still getting up at least 4 times a night! I'm back to work next month and seriously don't know how I'm going to cope with as little sleep 😩 It's so hard work!

My son suffered from.night terrors would wake up screaming and crying well would seem awake but he wasnt really. If its that then theres not much you can do but settle them back down and let them grow out of it

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