8 days late but tests are negative

Hi there. Hubby and I have been trying to conceive for 9 months now. Came off the pill in April and periods have been irregular, even missing one entirely in August. For the last 3 months my period has stabilised and been bang on each month. Period is now 8 days late but did another test this morning and negative. What should I do? Thanks!

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  • Normally your body needs at least a year after coming off contraception. That's why your periods are on and off at the mo as you body is adjusting and getting back to what is called the normal cycle. If you still keep getting worries or confused go and see your GP or if there is a nurse at your surgery you can talk to. Good luck.

  • Ive been trying for a baby since i come cerrelle pill on 2nd october i had a period 26th november and was due on 23rd for my next one but im now 5 days late do i wait a bit longer to take a test dont no what to do

  • Sounds like maybe you just had another irregular cycle.

    Are you tracking ovulation? It makes it much closer easier to conceive and known if you are really late or not. Even with irregular cycles if you track ov you will know when to expect your period x

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