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Travelling by plane

Hi everyone, l m nearly 7 weeks pregnant, l had a miscarriage before 9 months,, this days l.m feeling horrible with nausea feeling everywhere l cant cook or smell anything. Because l had a miscarriage before l m not working and spend the most of the time in the bed my concern is that l m planing to travel 3 hours by plane at 13-14 weeks pregnant do u thing that is gone be a problem for the baby l havent been still at the doctor or have a scan as is early... Thanks xxx

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I am pregnant and am planing to fly as well.

This is what NHS says :


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Thanks for your reply, to be honest l have been reading in internet and as l have seen the first 12 weeks are more risky, l dont believe much in NHS this because my bad previous experience, so maybe l need to wait few weeks more... thanks anyway xxx

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You're welcome!

Congratulations with pregnancy and safe travels!x


Thanks hun! Same to you...😊😊

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Today I read the pregnancy book and it said that we should have good energy levels up to week 25 (I think that's when I'll travel w25-w28) and then we will start to get more tired. I will meet my midwife in 3 days and will discuss my traveling plans.

I want to see my family before I get too big and also - before my sister moves to Japan for a year (hoped she will be my birthing partner but no hopes now since she is going so far away).

Hope you will have safe travels and will enjoy your family before baby will come along!

All best, x

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l hope that everything goes according your plan and your sister can be able to assist during the time u give birth, the thing is that l had already booked my ticket before l got pregnant and the only thing that l can do is to postpone it in the second three months , l have been waiting this for so long and will be very sad if l cancel it, except this my husband has to travel and l dont have anyone else to take care for me here as we have decide to keep my pregnancy secret first 12 weeks, but however will still see how the things will go if l will be feeling ok and if the baby is ok maby will decide to travel 🙂thanks for your help have a safe trip and hope you and the baby being very healthy xxx 😊 😊 😊

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Now I am entering week 16, no weight gain yet nor bump.

I understandyour worry as you booked your ticket beforehandand would be awful to loose all that money if you don't go.

I hope your 12 week scan will give you peace of mind and you'll be able to fly following week or so!

Let's have wonderful 2017, easy pregnancy, quick delivery and healthy baby! 👶



Thanks a lot darling l wish u too to have a very happy year as god blessed us to be pregnant 😊😊 l m only nearly 8 weeks feeling anxious because the days are not going and l want baby to be safe, l guess for me is early to have a big stomach, l m trying to help myself finding what makes the things more easy l bought some travel handbands to reduce the morning sickness, ginger is not working for me but mint tea is helping quite a lot l cant stay with empty stomach, l cant wait to tell everyone that l will be having a baby👶

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Please given ur past history. If You've d slightest doubt. I think u should go by ur gut feeling. Don't do something u would regret later.

God bless

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Thank you very much for your words..hopefully everything will be ok as l postpone my travel for a bit later, really need to go to see my mum as l live with my husband and is being very hard alone 😏😏😏

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I can totally understand. I am in d same boat dear. But d only difference is that I'm still trying to conceive.

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Yeah l understand perfectly well, to be pregnant is not that easy as l thought, anyway we have to be still happy and try our best... 😉😉


If you are feeling very sick that is a good sign as it shows your hormone levels are high. I travelled at 13 weeks pregnant. I'd booked a holiday as I wasn't getting pregnant, then find out a few weeks before the flights were booked. Midwives gave me lots of great advice about drinking plenty on the flight to try and minimise sickness.

Only you know how you feel so if you are happier waiting until you are a bit further along that is up to you. Though just so you know, I have a gorgeous 1.5 year old daughter now and flying at 13 weeks pregnant hasn't done her any harm in any way.

All the best and enjoy your travels when you do go. Xx


Thanks a lot for your words dear, really makes me feel better, now l m on my nearly 8 weeks feeling a little bit better from nausea and vomit, l m not eating much though l feel more tired and sleepy, l m not working l stay alone at home most of the time as my husband works and our familys doesn't know yet that l m pregnant, been very anxious this days as l had a previous miscarriage and is my first pregnancy but happy in the same time 😊 chatting here is very helpful, u are able to share your experience and learn a lot ☺ l wish u all the best and the most happy life for your beautiful daughter xxx


I think I told everyone by week 7 (I was so impatient!) but knowing your previous experience - You're probably more reluctant! But don't worry, just take it easy and don't exhaust yourself!

My morning sickness kicked in week 8-9 and is still haunting (today I felt better, but most days I would even hate to go to the shop as just seeing food would make want to throw up :( and similar to you - ginger was no help, nor was mint. All I did was trying to eat something every 2 hours so I am not with hungry tummy (though I did not feel like I want to eat) as then I would feel very nauseous. I did not feel like going for a walk in fresh air or work in the garden- but once I was outside I felt so much better (until I got hungry and felt nauseous again!) It's awful but - it's tiny price to pay to have a baby! Maybe try some mint candy (works for some) - if that would work on plane and the pressure bands - would be great! But who knows - your nausea might long be gone by then!

I agree - the weeks from 5-12 were the longest- I just could not wait to meet the midwife and have my 12 weeks scan (as I did not put on weight and no physical changes - thought I imagined I am pregnant!) , but since then the time has flown so quickly (OMG!)

I had my 12 week scan 3 weeks ago, I will have meeting with midwife this week and 20 week scan at the end of the month and from there I'll have only another 20 weeks to go! 😮

So - be patient, try to avoid stress and your 12 weeks will come very soon! :)

Night night!x


Thanks for sharing the experience with me hun l m finding it very helpful 😊 now l m close to 9 weeks and very happy that the days are moving...

l m feeling much better some days, l vomit only 4 times between week 6 and 7 now l feel very nauseous in some moments of the days in some others l feel ok, l m starting to eat a lot almost for 2 🙈 l have already booked one appointment with my gp so they can send me at my midwife to do all nessesary check up and after that the scan so l will know if everything is ok for my travel plans.

I still can't cook or do the dishes as l feel very nauseous from the smells, my husband cant cook neither so imagine what we eating very simple things all the time and lots of fruits

My hardest moment is the morning when l get up and l dont want to eat anything but l have to, otherwise will vomit or feel very bed

I m sleeping more compared with my week 6 and 7 when l had to wake up every one hour in the night to go in the toilet to vomit or to pee 🙈

I spend all day in the house watching tv in my bed l dont feel like l wanna do anything as l m alone (trying to walk like 10-15 min but not every day)

I hope everything goes well with your next scan and both of u to be healthy 🙂🙂🙂😊😉xxxx


I am in similar situation as you - all my family live in Noth East Europe and I feel very lonely here, no friends, no one to chat to, no one to visit. I was like you- most days in those weeks you're in now I just slept 10-11 hours a day, feeling crap and often even did not change into normal clothes (when I do washing there are always sooooo many pijamas to wash :)

I bought many pregnancy, birthing and baby books - but could not read as just did not feel well at all.

I bought wool and started to knit baby blanket but stopped that as well - as was feeling too tired, nauseous...

My partner got once very cross withe that no longer we eat together - so I told him that the food he eats makes me feel sick - and anyway I feel sick all the time so I need to eat every 2 hours and can't wait for him to at the same time as by then I'll be feeling very nauseous.

But all is good (except blocked sinuses in the evening and nighttime) - now I am feeling much better - since beginning of this week (week 16) the baby is making tiny moves and I am back to daily walking (around 7km) to get fresh air and exercises- I noticed I have more willpower and energy.

So - love your self, be gentle to yourself, do every day something you love to do and soon this period will end and you'll get back your energy!

Big hugs!x


Thats very good to do exercise as it helps u a lot in many ways especially to has a easyer delivery

I m not doing a lot because when l was pregnant with the first baby that l miscarriage l had to walk a lot in my work and now l m scared, l will wait till next stage when the baby is more safe and l hear the heart bit

I m a bit concerned to be honest l dont wanna do a vaginal ultrasound after l did in my first pregnancy l start bleeding, l thing the doc here are not very nice

I will not accept, l will do only abdominal one and also l m.not takeing any vitamins or folic acid l try to take them through the food 😏😏

I hope everything will be ok and to feel better as u saying u do now😊😊☺


I find doctors very nice and helpful here. Where I come from I have left doctors cabinet in the middle of appointment because they have such an attitude issue, threat me like stupid.

What I find interesting is that here in UK no one examines us externally & internally. Back where I come from in the first appointment gynaecologist would insert fingers in vagina and press on belly from outside and would just say - you're pregnant or not (once she felt something like a little cyst and sent me to internal ultrasound -and yes- that side ovary had something bigger there but doc said not to worry as maybe my body is preparing for egg release and that's why it's a bit bigger. Back home the doc would examine also cervix. They would thoroughly check the breasts for lumps.

Yeah - no need for the internal ultrasound as you'll be so far into pregnancy that from outside it will be easy to see the baby!

Great idea for resting lots - specially after your previous experiences. But once you'll be further into pregnancy - you'll be able to do more! (I remember when I was in my first trimester I would try never squeeze the urine put as was afraid to squeeze baby out!) now that i know it's growing and feeling the movements - feeling so much calm: few days ago I went for my 16 week check up and said that I don't want to hear baby's heart as I know it's growing as I see my bump hetting bigger by hours and I can feel those butterfly "flutters". However, as I have not put any weight on till week 15 and there was no bump showing- I thought I'll definitely will use that droplet at the appointment. (Managed to throw up my breakfast before the appointment that morning, so still my tummy is unpredictable!)

As I was living on carbs only (except few blueberries and natural yogurt) from week 8-15 (would throw up fruit and veg and meat) I knew I have to take prenatal vitamins and there was nothing much good I was receiving from that food :(

Now I am back on eating healthy :) so happy for that!

I'll have my 20 week scan at the end of month and 22 week appointment at the beginning of Feb: after that I won't have appointments for 6 weeks : that's when I am planing to go to see my family! :)

Fingers crossed that you soon will start to feel better!

When is your 12 week scan?x


hello girlie!

I hope you are enjoying time with your family!

Safe travels back :) x

(I am traveling back in 1,5 weeks)


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