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I'm upset

I'm 11 week pragnant yesterday morning when I passed urine there is heavy brown blood ,then I call my gyn immediately get appointment she checked and did my vaginal ultrasound baby was active heartbeat is normal all is fine gyn said all is fine dnt worry but whole day spotting and today morning again bleeding but less than yesterday again whole day spotting have back ache and legs pain too

I'm very worried plz tell me anyone who also face same issue or help me out plz

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Sorry you are going through this. Contact your Doctor or Midwife if you are still concerned. Some women experience this and all is well while others may be different. If the bleeding increases or you get any new symptoms then go back and get checked out, all the best....


Thx for ur reply but my bleeding was stopped by the blessing of Allah and I talked again with my gyn she said not to worry just take bed rest u and ur baby is fine

Pray for me


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