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Worried about scan

Hi guys this may be really silly I had a scan at 9 weeks as didn't know I was pregnant and was still having periods blood test showed I was but since the scan I keep having dreams that at my 13 week can there is no heart beat I been having dull aches in my stomach no blood or anything an I just a little parniod haven't got any one to talk to as husband keeps saying it's all fine 😕

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I keep expecting to go to the scan and be told I never was pregnant. Every morning I walk up thinking ive lost it over night. Our minds play tricks on us. I'm trying to keep calm although its not easy. I can't say it will be ok but I understand how your feeling


2 nights ago I read Ina May Gaskin book about natural childbirth (I am 14 weeks pregnant and had my date scan last week : as I was severely nauseous and had headaches and lost some weight as could not eat and my breasts stopped being tender: I thought there's no baby in my belly - but during the scan the baby had heartbeats and he was floating little monkey kicking legs and arms in the air - I could not stop laughing seeing my baby- one of best days of my life!)

However, even after knowing that the heartbeats are there - 2 nights ago I had a dream that I gave a birth to 5 sausages attached to each other 😳

So don't worry, dear dolly! Everything will be just fine- as MC said - mind plays tricks on us!

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One of my friends had periods throughout her pregnancy and only found out 8 weeks before due date. She put on 3 kgs and went to ser her Doctor for severe headaches and tiredness. Her Dr checked her blood pressure and it was sky high and then did a pregnancy test and it was positive. She passed out due to shock then 8 weeks later she had a 4th bouncy 7 pounds baby. Some women have what looks like a period and end up with healthy babies. Wishing you all the best 😊

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