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im 31 weeks plus 2 went for a growth scan on tuesday and baby seems fine heatbeat stable, however got a build up of fluid an abnormal reading on placenta and baby hasnt grown in 6 weeks going for an appointment for placenta on dec 21st but worried about growth aswell they sending me for another growth scan in 4 weeks time... when watching the measurements it said 33 plus 5 in yellow on the screen, however baby is still active, i am worried about growth dont really know what to do weather to ring midwifes ot not but none of them know whats really going on :/ should i be pushing to be checked?

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If your concerned ring your midwife but just to say i had too much fluid one growth scan by next 3 weeks later it was back to normal fluid levels differ from scan yo scan and can depend on where baby is laying. But if you are worried call your midwife.or consultant and ask whats going on


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