10 week old in pain

Hi, my 10 week old baby has had trouble for the last few weeks now, she was on comfort formula (cow&gate) but her stomach seemed really upset, she couldn't settle and would only sleep for a few minutes at a time and wake up with pain...she has all the symptoms of reflux so dr suggested going back to normal formula and adding gaviscon sachets which hasn't worked. I went back and they suggested changing to the reflux formula from aptimel (not sure if I spelt that correctly) I bought some yesterday and since starting her on it she has become very constipated and is in even more pain than before, she did a little poo earlier that was very pale and hard and she was screaming in pain from it, does anyone have any suggestions as what I should do? I just want her to be able to settle and not be in pain from a bottle, i feel so guilty that I stopped breastfeeding because she is just in so much pain, any help/advice is greatly appreciated, thank you

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  • Hi, there is nothing worse than seeing such a little baby in so much pain. I Have never fed with formula but member of family had a baby not long after me and the same problem. It turned out that he was lactose intolerant and once they changed the formula to specially prescribed milk then the problems disappeared. Might be worth speaking to your doctor about it.

    P.s. The little boy is now healthy 13 mo and no problems with drinking milk/eating yogurts! All the best and good luck xx

  • It's awful, feel so bad for stopping breastfeeding, we have tried I think our 4th type and she seems a lot more settled on this one, thank you for your reply😊

  • I am really glad! Honestly :-) and Don't beat yourself about not breastfeeding. These things happen!

    Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy your first with the baby :-) xx

  • Awh thank you and a merry Christmas to you and your family too x

  • I've used the aptamil with my first as my doctor recommended switching when my son had reflux and was on a different brand. Using pillow under the mattress helped. It did take a few days for him to settle into his new formula. He didn't have colic bit I found infacol helped him with thr reflux and allowed him release trapped wind. We also used the gaviscon sachets but didn't get much joy from them. The best thing for us was aptamil comfort milk and infacol hope this helps x

  • A few things for you to try.

    You can start breastfeeding again If you feel that is what you want. Your body will start producing milk again (I haven't properly fed Niamh for nearly a year but there is still a little milk there if she wants it) just do as you did at the beginning by offering your boob or expressing regularly and your supply will come back. But only if you want to, and it's right for your family. X

    We had the same problem when I stopped breastfeeding fully at 6 months. I ended up ignoring the doctors as they weren't any help (I'm not recommending you do that seen as baby is so little yet, just letting you know what i did!) And tried sma formula which within 1 day seemed to help. Trying different formulas does sometimes help, but give each brand 2 or 3 days to work, then try another. To save on buying hundreds of tins of powder, buy a couple of bottles of ready mixed stuff so it's easier for you.

    I also did baby massage. Google baby massage 'i love you' technique. It's about massaging the bowels to relive trapped wind and help constipation. Niamh also found it very relaxing just being stroked A lot. She still does at 18 months old! 😍

    I promise it does get easier! Let us know how you get on. Xx

  • Thank you both for your advice, I seem to have her settled now with a new formula and she is much happier, sleeping much better and just seems a lot more content in herself. Im going to look up the baby massage too just because it sounds lovely and relaxing and might help her even more. Next baby I'm definitely sticking to the breast for as long as I can! Thank you both again 😊

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