7 days fever

Hi, on 4 december my daughter had a bad headache and was being sick, 7th started temperature 38,5. Seen the doc next day, diagnosed tonsils, gave us atb. Its been 7 days and the temperature hasnt dropped. She started coughing quite badly too. She eats a little, drinks ok, no rush and is alert. Shall I go 3rd time to see the doctor tomorrow or straight to hospital? Anybody experienced it with their teen kids? Im so worried, perhaps just wrong atb. I think they should test her blood and do swabs. Will they do in the hospital or do I need a referal from the doctor? Please help. Thank you

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  • There are alot of bugs going around and flu is raging at the moment so maybe she has a touch of thst too? At the end of the day as a parent.you know your child if something seems off to you go back to the doctors. Explain your concerns and if you're still not happy then go to a and e. As now they turn people away at the desk of a and e if they don't feel it's an emergency so they'd probably just refer her back to gp so at least if you do that first then you can say you've seen the gp and wasn't satisfied with the diagnosis?

  • Thank you so much for your advice. I think very good idea to go once more to see our gp and then hospital. I'll give it a one more chance today if her temperature wont drop must go back to gp and then a&e.

  • I would go back to the Gp. It happened to my daughter when her tonsils were playing up quite often and was given Amoxicillin which didn't work for her as she was still unwell. I returned her back only to get an apology that the antibiotics she was given didn't work and was given Penicillin instead. My daughter has since had a Tonsillectomy as she used to get sick all the time mostly in winter and ended up needing ABs all the time and also got Obstructive sleep apnea as the Tonsils were too big infected or not. Trust your instincts as you know your daughter better than anyone. All the best.....

  • Her temperature dropped after 7 days so the worst is over. She is taking penicillin but it took a long time to kick in..perhaps, it's the way it goes..I wouldn't know as she's never had it before. It's been 2 weeks and she is still weak and tired and not sure if ready for school on Monday. I guess, we'll see on a Monday. Thank you for replying to my cry for help.

  • You are more than welcome. It's not easy to see our kids unwell. I have 4 girls and the one who had the Tonsils used to see the Drs a bit more. They were a nuisance as they stopped her from eating well, school absences, sleep Apnoea e.t.c she was always at the GP practice. I didn't stop being in the doctors faces until she had her operation in September. This is her first winter that she is not on her 2 weekly Antibiotics as a result. She is 9 years and doing well. Hope your daughter recovers well in time for Xmas.

  • Sorry I forgot to say that just encourage her to drink more and keep an eye on her. School closes next week so whatever happens she won't miss much I don't think so as the last week it's a recap 😊

  • Poor little girl, she must have gone through hell and you with her. It is equally painful for us mums to see our kids suffer. Glad you've made the right decision and had them taken out, must be such a relief. The doctor asked me if she suffered from tonsils in the past, which she hasn't, he was gonna offer to have them removed. Having said that, my husband had regularly bad tonsils as a child, hadn't had them removed and now as adult, he's never sick.

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