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First pregnancy


I started my new job last week and then did a test on Sunday night as my period was a week late. Test read positive. Should I tell my work straight away or wait? Worried about telling them seeing as I've just started, got my widwife appointment tomorrow. Is it normal to feel paranoid about something going wrong? Or am I just over thinking? Also been getting a bit of cramping on my left side, is this okay?

Thanks x

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Hi Jessieaw,

paranoia and worrying very normal, nothing to worry about! 😂

Cramping can be totally normal too.

I wouldn't even dream of telling my employer at this stage: it is way too early to even to tell, as you can't be sure that nature will let you keep it. Of course, the odds are very good, but miscarriages do happen particularly in the first 3 months. It's often because there was something not 100% ok with the genetic material or because something goes wrong with the divisions of the cells in the first weeks. (more reasons but we needn't worry about all that, except basic rules: no alcohol, no drugs, no fistfights.) None of which says anything bad about future pregnancies, it just does happen.

Apart from that, you are going through a major change and surprise in your private life with the discovery of pregnancy, which can make you emotionally vulnerable, and you are allowed to have privacy to experience all that.

So I'd say, enjoy taking time for yourself and your partner right now. Once you are happily and healthily over the 12 week mark, you can start telling your employer.

Good luck with your early days and next weeks!


hi hun look alot of ppl will say its to early to tell work but depending what job you do you need to tell them straight away I found out I was pregnant last Friday told work on the Friday night!! I work in a Warehouse and they told me its better for then to know straight away as light duties are applied instantly and I won't loose any wages for any appointments scans or classes. Everything you discuss with your employer is confidential and then at least of the worst does happen they know what your going threw. They cannot sack you!!! It doesn't matter if you had only worked there a day your entitled to alot hun you want to check out the nhs website xxxx good luck 😊

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This is what I did too since my job involved lifting and climbing ladders. Better tell the manager to give you health and safety briefing for early pregnancy which I believe is the crucial stage. it's just a health precaution for mummy and baby. Good luck x


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