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Advice, cryptic pregnancy?

Hi, I don't know why but after watching something on TV about cryptic pregnancy I am paranoid. I've taken two tests, one nearer to the time i would have become pregnant (4 months ago) and one around a month ago and both were negative and I've had my periods. If someone has a cryptic pregnancy can this happen cause I have read that it is possible.


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Hi hannasmith_,

I just had a brief read-up about the phenomenon you are worried about. First of all: there is no article on the NHS website about a cryptic pregnancy.

Now I am pregnant and have been worried sick in the last week about advice I found online on various websites and chat forums, about this and that, hidden dangers etc etc. I had hitherto relied o the NHS website. Now I was thinking "why don't they mention all these potential problems??? now I got myself into trouble!"

Only to find out from my healthprofessionals in the days after reading those upsetting reports that this "new thing" I had found on the internet and worried myself witless about either didn't apply to me personally at all, or was outright made up by some people online.

So I stick to this, now proven, rule: If the NHS site doesn't have an article on it, chances are it's nothing to worry about.

Second thought is that, if these pregnancies that stay undetected by women really exist, and you are worried for whatever reason you might be affected, the very best thing is to go to your doctor: a doctor of your choice that you trust. Tell them what's on your mind. They will help you, taking you serious in the process. After all they want to help you, reassuere you but also find out what is going on with their patient, that's their job. Your doctor will help you decide what tests you might want to do. If you are still worried after negative tests, ask them in what interval they might agree to repeat the tests for you to put your mind at ease.

Chances are you are not the exception that you are dreading to be. But don't feel ashamed about your worries: ask your health professionals for help.

Wishing you a good journey through life!


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