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I am new to this site and not sure if anybody can help? I am an older mum with a 10 year old already. I have received IVF and got a positive reading on Friday . I have to have a scan in 3 weeks time (internal) to see If progressing , I'm not actually sure at what week pregnant I will be and We have decided to keep to ourselves due to comments etc. Am I right to wait till after 12 weeks period or longer as IVF seems a life time ago since I was pregnant . I am apparently under the clinic until they pass me over which again think is 12 weeks.

Any help or advice as feel like counting each week but as nobody knows finding it hard especially over festive period not to be drinking etc

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There's no right time to tell people, it's when you are happy to tell people. 12 weeks tends to be used as it is the end of the first trimester and unfortunately miscarriages are most common during this period.


Thanks for your response , I know it's challenging going on this new journey and not being able to share it.

I need to go for my scan on 3.1 the. Hopefully signed of at 12 weeks and then can relax a little.

Thanks again


A friend of mine also conceived this way, she had told her mom before the 12 week mark because she needed somebody to talk to and would need support if it did not stick.. Maybe talking to a good friend or close family member Would help you too?

There is no right or wrong so do what your heart tells you.


Luckily their is one friend, but I think finding at a such an early stage doesn't help feels like 12 weeks are a life time away.

Keeping positive and maybe stop researching stuff all the times as at times can play havoc with your mind !!!!!


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