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Am i miscarring? 9wks on n jst had Sudden gush of blood ?


I was cooking dinner a couple of hts ago thn felt wetness dwn my legs like I'd wet myself . I went to toilet and it was blood iv suffered frm miscarriages n the past n am worried it's happining again.. I didn't hve any cramps or pains n although I hve jst had couple little pains. I had a scan 4days ago and baby was lookin good with strong heartbeat. wt should I do ? I live an hr out of closest town should I go to hospital or jst wait it out .

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phone up and see what they suggest, bleeding does not always mean miscarriage but its a good idea to get checked out just in case

Thanku for replying iv read afew posts of we women bleeding and ther baby was fine so fingers crossed. I'm waiting to speak to a nurse now.

Hi, I'm nine weeks pregnant to and a few days ago I thought I had wet myself. When I looked it was blood! I panicked and had a scan and everything was OK, they said it was just ruptured vessels in my vagina. They said if you didn't feel any pain it's usually a good sign. Hope it's all ok Lexie!

I had bleeding and cramping at 8 weeks. Had a subchorionic bleed and was on bed rest two weeks. It healed and the rest of pregnancy has been fine. Hope you get clarity soon.

Hi thanku for ur posts. I gt taken to hospital Monday arvo was stuck there for hours and so scared I had lost baby. my peri sac had burst which is next to the pregnancy sac. honestly I stil am confused as to what the peri sac is and what it does all I knw is I'm glad it was that sac and not the one holding my baby.

That is good news for you. Wishing you all the best 😊

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