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My nose drives me crazy... any advice?

Hello fellow pregnant ladies,

am in my 7th week now and just dealing with tiredness, soar boobs and bizarre nausea, but that's all manageable. What drives me mad at the moment is my oversensitivity to odours around me. I can hardly stand people next to me on public transport as I can smell their dirty boots, their wet coats, sweat or farting, cigarette residue, alcohol, onion, whether or not they have a dog (j*ck to that smell, not the poor dog), etc. etc. I frequently change carriages on trains but to no avail. I have trouble with people standing too close talking to me which they often don't get. But more often than not there is just a madening smell and I have no idea where it comes from. It's hard to manage the agression that builds up in me trying to live through these offending stimuli.

What can I do? Does anyone have any ideas? Apart from staying at home for 9 months? (that'd be it...)

Very sorry if I sound crazy...

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Don't worry it's all normal. It was the same for me in the first part of my pregnancy. Especially the sentive nose. It was driving me mad too but as the pregnancy carries on the sentive nose will calm down. Speak to your mid wife if you get too concerned. Good luck. Xx

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Hi LindsayB24,

thanks for your reply! Good to know I'm not alone with this... I am not worried there's some healthissue, but the day to day becomes difficult. I can frequently smell personal body odours on other people especially on public transport and that just drives me nuts. Got some tigerbalm now which I rub on my hands before getting on the train. If smells overwhelm me, I hold up my hand to my face. That helps somewhat.

Am amazed at all the things my body becomes aware of now that it didn't before.

Thanks again!


Hello fellow pregnant lady!

I started to get the over sensitive nose with my migraines (also vomiting) - so I was well prepared for pregnancy for past 5 years throwing up in buses and trains) However, I find that pregnancy is better than migraine - I feel very nauseous still at week 14, but only times I threw up during this pregnancy were related to my headaches!

My worst smell is perfumes!!! I think bio is somewhat natural still but most perfumes are synthetically made so I would always move the seat on the public transportation if someone smells strong next to me. I even try to get away from my partner if he used cream after shaving.

Also wearing a scarf can be good - I just cover my nose with it and use it as a filter!

I also have problems of putting morning / evening face cream, wash my hair, clothes and the dishes as the smell really upsets my stomach. I changed few washing up liquids and found one that has no smell at all! Even Non-bio Persil and Ecover brand makes me cringe :(

I stepped into second trimester but I still feel like I am in the first!

I hope it will soon pass for both of us!

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Hello ChrisWest,

thank you so much for your reply! You've had it much worse than me with your migrainerelated nausea, I am so sorry to hear that! Perfumes are a menace aren't they. My mum loves perfume and sticks some on every day. I haven't been able to hug her at all in the last weeks and it's weird cause I haven't told her about the pregnancy yet, it's still early days...

I tried the tiger balm and it is so pungent that it really hrlps me against other smells, but I read online that we're supposed to avoid it. Am trying a handkershief now, I find if I breath into my scarf, my face gets uncomfortably hot. Ah the palaver....

Now the big challenge is the 3 christmas days, I have to avoid a lot of what my family ears and drinks traditionally (tonight is traditional raw fish sushi night with lots of white wine...) and I'd love to get out of it without a big fuzz...

Have you tried indian wash soap nuts? You can buy them for the washing mashine or made into shower gel. I use them in my washing mashine and find the natural smell of the nuts quite pleasant.

I wish you all the best and that hopefully the second trimester will ease the symptoms eventually!

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