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Baby will only sleep on me so I get no sleep


For the last week or so my 21 week old has been refusing to sleep except for on me (or her grandad)she wakes up as soon as she's put down and cries. Stops and goes back asleep when I pick her up.I think it might be to do with her cough/cold so am considering buying this. Anyone used one or heard of any safety issues? Any other suggestions? Have tried dummy and bottle ( so daddy can do some feeds), she rejects these, as a Boob lover she ain't accepting any cheap imposter.

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My little boy was like this (is again now as he's poorly, he's 1). We just put a pillow under his mattress, could adjust how raised he was then. The doctor advised raising his mattress but not to put him on an actual pillow. We couldn't have had one of those cushions as we discovered he preferred to sleep on his side, we let him do it when he could roll. Hope you get some sleep soon!

My son had reflux so we put a pillow under his mattress and it helped. Honestly the only way to battle baby only sleeping on you is tough love. My son was the same he'd not go to sleep in his cot either had to be held or go sleep in my bed then be lifted into the cot but if he woke up we had to do the same thing all over again. Me and my husband never saw each other cos if spend half my night in bed with the baby trying get him to sleep it just wasn't working for us. I got a video monitor so I could see him and I ended up having to let him cry it out. I know I sound awful. I could see on monitor he was fine. I'd just done his nappy he was clean and fed. There was nothing wrong he just wanted to be held to sleep. 4 days of tough love at night and he slept like a dream in his cot. Nobody leave their baby crying or put them in a cot but in the long run its the only way as they can't sleep with you forever. I hope this helps x

Breastfed babies can be very very clingy which isn't bad for them but not for Mum. All mine have been breast fed. I think it could be what you mentioned that she feels unwell and just wants extra reassurance that someone is with her. A blocked nose can be a scary thing for some babies until they get used to it. The product you mentioned I have not used it personally but have heard parents giving it good reviews.

Thanks for all your replies. I just can't do putting her down and letting her cry- plays with my head too much. will have to do it when she's bigger.

I have ended up resorting to co- sleeping. I know this can be dangerous but less dangerous than falling asleep on sofa when feeding her. seems to hAve improved things a lot! :-)

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