Reocurred uti before and during my pregnancy now

Okay guys since i was a child ive had reocurrent uti's that just would not go away. Ive tried litterally everything nothings workedand if I do manage to get rid of it im only free from the uti for 24 hours then im back to where i started. Well i have been to see a specalist and everything first they said i had cystitis , then it was a uti. Well one day i just couldnt take the pain anymore and i went to er . Well when i got there the lady said you have a nasty uti and need to take antibiotics immediately. Thats the same night i found out i was pregnant. Well now im 10 weeks and 3 days pregnant and my obgyn and midwife have given me 2 different medicines and each medicine lasted a week. Ive called the doctors office and it's like im playing phone tag. If i even manage to get a call back the lady says ill call your midwife and get back to again later today or tommorow morning. Well you see that never happens , plus ive woken up at 6:30am and called them and it takes them hours to call you back. I know they have other patients and i understand completeley , but you could call someone back when you say you will. But anyway have anyone have my uti problems. Id like some relief till my next appt because im tired of playing phone tag and being in pain.

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  • How do you normally manage when you weren't pregnant? It's pretty unusual to have a constant uti. Unfortunately pregnancy makes uti more likely and harder to treat as you're limited with antibiotics. Is it worth seeing the specialist again?

  • The specalist said she didnt want to treat me while i was pregnant she said it was out of her practice . I pretty open to trying others it just takes a month to get in with one around here. When i wasnt pregnant there wasnt much i could do either honestly. Ive tried cranberry juice i drink that and water constantly , ive gotten rid of fatty foods as well , i eat like a vegan or vegitarian since i was a kid because the doctor told me certaint foods and soft drinks will intensify one. Ive tried cranberry/azo pills, yogert, i only take showers since they said a bath makes it worse to im really at a loss :( im willing to try anything as long as it wont hurt the baby . The baby is pretty much my main concern. I feel in pain constantly and im afraid that since im in pain the baby could be to


    Some practitioners say it's safe for pregnant women, others say it hasn't been tested enough. I suffer from recurrent uti's, it's utterly miserable. Maybe you could ask your urologist about trying D Mannose? I take it now and there has definitely been an improvement- however I am not pregnant now.

  • Is that better than azo ? I have an appt the 13 th of this month ill make sure to ask her about it because anything is better than sitting at home miserable with the heating pad

  • I think it's better - I hope you can get some relief soon. You poor thing.

  • Thank you so much, i wish you good health

  • I feel for you, I suffered my first serious bout of cystitis when I was 7 years of age, after many years we realised they only occured severely when I ate / drank fresh orange juice / oranges. In my adulthood I have had them but not very often, but unfortunately when I was pregnant I was hospitalised about 4 times with serious UTI infections, we never found the cause as obviously I stay away from the things that normally caused them for me but they did leave me feeling rather poorly and blighted my pregnancy especially towards the end. I hope you get it sorted, and you have a smooth and happy pregnancy x

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