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Clear blue test with a positive and a book.

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I just took a clear blue pregnancy test it came back positive and with a book is it a false positive or not?

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Hi, the book symbol usually means an error, check out the clearblue website. Its unusual for it say positive too though. I would just retake another test and make sure you are following the instructions properly as each brand test is different. Good luck 😊

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the book means error, retake another test with your first pee in the morning

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sandersmichaela in reply to hspread

If was my first pee and not even a minute later the book disappered and it still just says pregnant! But i am getting another test.

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zenglad in reply to sandersmichaela

can you tell me what your initial result was? were you or not pregnant? i just had the same result.

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Ladybelle2020 in reply to zenglad

Same, I'm going to retest later.

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Goldierox in reply to zenglad

This happened to me two days ago.. The pregnant word disappeared. I went to the store bought two more. Both were positive..

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zenglad in reply to Goldierox

I took three others 2 negatives and the last one was another faulty one. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

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