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Had three babies with out no problems at all. My new partner and I decided to have one together, I got pregnant straight away but started bleeding around six weeks and told I was misscarrying- ended up having a dnc as the tablets didn't work.

4 months later pregnant again this time is I was really scared- decided to book a private scan at 8 weeks - no heart beat found and after a trip to hospital found out I'd had a silent miscarriage and had to have another dnc because they said my body thought I was still pregnant :-(

4 months later pregnant again, was told to take a low dose asprian which I did and at the early scan at 7 weeks they gave me a heart beat was found and I've gone on to have a healthy little girl who is now 6 months old.

Now I'm pregnant again 🙈 Baby number 5 I must be crazy.

I'm now 6 weeks pregnant and terrified, i don't think I will be able to bring myself to booking in at the doctors and going for a scan even if I got to that bit. I convinced everything not going to be ok but can't bare the thought of going through another scan and being told bad news. I feel as though if I don't miscarry , I will have another silent one. All I feel like doing is just waiting to see if my body starts changing shape and then telling the doctors. That sounds mad but I'm to scared ....

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Do what feels best for you. Although it is really difficult (it sounds like you've had a rough time bless you) try your best to relax and not stress as that won't help things. Think positively and go to the doctors when you are ready. Good luck and congratulations <3

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