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Scared for early scan

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I have a early scan on Saturday 2 months ago I miscarried, I had a bled 2 weeks ago first bright red but only a little then went to old blood I was wondering if anyone has had this and thing turned out OK? AS I'M WORRIED SICK FOR THE RESULT INCASE NO HEARTBEAT X

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yes I did with this pregnancy, I had bright red blood mixed with dark blood sometimes for 2 weeks from 6-8 weeks, a couple of times it gushed out of me sorry tmi, but my baby is fine im currently 33 weeks and she is healthy, I hope it all goes well for you

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Thankyou you've made me feel better it's just the worry and that don't help in its self I will you let know how it'd goes again thank you and congratulations x

I had this at around the same time in my pregnancy as you and it was implantation bleeding ! I was also really worried , try not to be, whatever will be will be and whatever happens you'll find a way through! my thought go out to you 100 times over and I've got everything crossed !!

Thank you so much I had quite a bit of blood last night so I'm just hoping

It's really scary! I really hope all is ok?

I will let all know tomorrow thank you

Yeah do let us know !!

There was a heart beat I'm so happy

Hi I saw your post and I really feel for you. With both of my pregnancies I bled for 6 weeks, I must admit I was really afraid as I'd also had issues in the past, it's hard not to worry. Both of my boys were born a little early but were ok.

I also know that until you hear that heartbeat you won't be able to relax, I do hope everything goes well for you.

Will be thinking of you

Take care


Sorry I didn't see you recent post, I'm absolutely thrilled for you!!


Oh that's brilliant !!😆

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