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TTC ... spotting and bleeding week early for due period!?

Hi, I'm new to the group, and this is my first post!

I'm so confused right now!?

I'm 31, me and my fiancé have been ttc for 18 months now, we have no children yet, and last month we made a joint appointment to see our doctor to talk to her. She gave us paperwork for tests we are to have so that they can check everything is ok with both of us. I've had 2 of my blood tests already, and am due to have my last one which will be my DAY 2-5 blood test which should be next week... I'm usually regular, my cycles have been a mixture of light and heavy, but I am always on time when I'm due (maybe a day or two early, or late, but this isn't every month!?)... I started having light shows of blood, like an orange/pink colour on the 22nd, and then nothing again until the 26th... by then it was a brown discharge, and as days have gone on it has gone to deep red, then brown discharge again!? To me, there's not enough to call it my actual period, but I'm so confused if it is!

I'm feeling pretty stressed and anxious about work recently, and I know that's not going to help the matter! But I've got to have my blood test Day 2-5 still... but confused as to whether this is my period and I need to go now!? Or if my actual cycle will begin next week as due, and that's when I will need to go!?

I'm so confused! Has anyone experienced the same, or similar?

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Hello Kyla_Dennis,

it sounds like you are having a bit of an intense time at the moment. On the one hand there's work being stressful and on the other hand you and your partner are going through these tests to see if everything is allright for conception, which is a positive and a negative stress at the same time, isn't it?

You wouldn't be the first woman who's cycle was always regular before but then suddenly gets a jolt, and you only need that to happen one time for it to be confusing and maybe even have surprising happy consequences.

Ovulation can happen earlier or later in your cycle than it usually does. I am not sure I get your calculations right, but if I understand you correctly you are experiencing some minor bleeding/spotting one week before you expect your period, is that correct? Well what you describe reminds me of the implantation bleeding I had just a few weeks ago. I first had one swipe of orangy blood, then nothing, then brown discharge two days later. Et voila, here I am 5 weeks pregnant...

That being said there could be other harmless or more serious reasons for the bleeding.

To really find out what is going on, don't worry, but get in touch with your doctor as soon as you can without getting into even more stress with your work.

Maybe you can send your doctor an email describing what's happening and asking them what you should do, go now or in a week? Or call the office, explain your dilemma on the phone. Don't worry burdening them with the question, it's not your fault, it's just nature doing what it likes with us, and the doctors are experienced to deal with those moods of nature and adapt their schedule accordingly. (It goes without saying but still: if you start having unusual pain of course you go to your doctor/clinic without further ado.)

Whatever we might think, there's noone here who can diagnose from afar.

I wish you the best of luck!!! And if you like, do keep us posted what your doc says. Who knows, you might just come back here with some amazingly good news...


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