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Am I pregnant?

Hi Im new here

Ive missed my period for seven days now and I've had 3 hpt but all came out negative

I had sore nipples for 5 days but it's gone now

My stomach aches slot especially wen I push it inside,,,, my lower left abdomen hurts too but slightly and it is irregular and sometimes affects my left leg and knee making it hurt, I felt nauseous foe some days especially after eating and I also have back pains I feel sick especially in the afternoons and night I have headaches when I start feeling sick my body also becomes warm

Please could I be pregnant??? Pls help me cuz I'm very worried


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Amah, it sounds like you should go to see a doctor. He/she will help you go through your symptoms to find out what is happening to you. A missed period can mean that you are pregnant. It can also have nothing to do with pregnancy and point at a delay in your period timing due to another cause, which might be minor or serious. Really the only way to find out is too seek help from a health professional.

Can you go to see a doctor you can trust?

All the best to you!!!

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Thank u very much for your reply

But please I have another question

I gave my boyfriend a blow job and he came, I cleaned it up and put on a condom for him and some of D oily lubricant from the condom got on where I had clean the sperm from

Den I sat on the same place I had cleaned the sperm from n rubbed my vagina on it and I did this twice

Please is there any way I can get pregnant from this???

Cuz I heard a dried sperm is dead

Please help me here once again

Thank you


It very unlikely that you are pregnant if your bf didn't come inside of you. It's probably the worrying about it that has delayed your period. Also stop

Pressing your tummy ... Pressing it is never comfortable pregnant or not.

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Thank you very much for your reply

I'm just worried cuz my menses is now 8 days late today and I've got a lot of symptoms

I'll try calming down as u said thank you


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