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Too much sun on holiday?

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I found out I was pregnant on holiday... 5 weeks today :)

I'm worried that I have spent too much time in the sun before hand and that this could affect my baby.

What do you all think? I am seriously stressing about this, it's all I can think about. Would love your thoughts.


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I just read up about the question online. It looks like there are 3 factors: 1) overheating, 2) dehydration, 3) folic acid. Try to remember how much water you drank on your vacation - did you keep nicely hydrated? For the folic acid, did you have a good amount of fruit and vegetables in your diet? If yes, then I wouldn't worry about it.

Make sure now to take your folic acid supplement. (get them at the chemists tomorrow if you don't have them yet.) Discuss your concerns with your doctors - they will be on the outlook for any possible problems in the screenings, so it is very good for them to know what you are worried about to help you deal with those questions. And most likely than not they will be able to reassure you.

I think what's much more important is not to drink alcohol and not taking drugs in pregnancy. That's a real danger when women are addicted and can't quit.

But apart from alcohol and drugs, if you think back to our mothers, and their mothers, they didn't get these crazy long lists of "do's" and "dont's" to abide to for 9+3 months, like we expect ourselves to now. And we've turned out ok, haven't we?

I am 5 weeks today as well and just jumped with fear as I read up about your question, finding that hot baths are a big NONO also: I have had a hot this morning! OMG!!!

But what can we do...we take in the info, decide how we have to modify our behaviour from this moment onwards - and move on. Honestly, if we get stuck in these loops of worries, there'll be no more babies ever...

Good luck, keep us posted!

Thanks so much for your reply. I drank about 4 bottles of water and ate some of a fruit platter... I took a pregnancy vitamin that day and have the whole week I've been away, so am hoping I'm okay! I've been taking a vitamin for about 6 weeks now containing folic acid

I have a drs appointment tomorrow so I will definitely mention it then, google is amazing at frightening you!!

Thanks so much for your reply... I really appreciate it.

That's exactly what I was thinking this evening... what about all those years ago when there were no vitamins! No research on sun exposure or anything like that.

Congratulations!! Wishing you all the best xx

Ah but that's brilliant that you were already taking your vitamin supplement when you were on holiday! That sounds all very good - and best thing is to ask your doctor tomorrow to get it straightened out for you.

Isn't it utter madness all this advice we're bombarded with nowadays? I changed my eating habits over several months and got my weight in order, did all my vaccinations, finally managed to get pregnant. And now I am to worry about taking a hot bath... the insanity of it...

Thanks to you very much for your post!!! otherwise I wouldn't have found out about this. (I was trusting the NHS website as my guide, and my doc never mentioned bathing temperatures).

All the best for you for tomorrow, keep us posted!

Hi Leighw92,

You saw your doctor, didn't you? What did he say about the worry you had about having been out in the sunshine on your vacation too much?

I find it interesting for myself but also for other users of the forum, when one of us writes about an interesting question, that we then also add what your health professionals said. We create more of a pool of knowledge that way where other ladies can start to search should they have similar concerns in the future.

And I'm curious how you're getting on...

Best wishes.


Thanks so much to everyone for all of your replies. I saw the dr on Monday and he actually laughed... he had a trainee in the room to. They both said how they have never actually heard that sun could have a negative affect on folic acid and it's just to be cautious of the belly overheating. Which he said would take A LONG time. He also said to avoid google as some of it is so incorrect but makes mums all over get in a panic.

So all is fine :)

Thank you... you all did amazing in reassuring me.

Thanks xxx

I doubt sun exposure will affect your baby... People get pregnant in hot countries all the time! The issue is around overheating and getting dehydrated but so early in a pregnancy I doubt even this will be an issue. Welcome to 9 months of paranoia!! 😂

Agreed! Also people have had healthy babies for several years without all this extra advice sometimes over the top! I was worried after I ate Serrano ham in Spain where it was at 43 degrees one day... Bs y was absolutely fine!

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