No symptoms at all - can this be a healthy pregnancy?

It's been a while since I visited the forum, so I am very pleased to come back finally with good news- 4 weeks 5 days today. Hurray!!! What's bugging me is that apart from having missed my period and seeing the gestational sac on the ultrasound today, I have ZERO symptoms. None. No tender breasts, no nausea... I am not feeling any change to my mood or to how my body feels at all. Can't help wondering if this is bad..

Have any of you here had a complete lack of feeling anything different and yet continued to have a healthy pregnancy afterwards? Thanks for feedback!

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  • Different pregnancies different symptoms. Some people are lucky and have none at all, with a healthy pregnancy. However symptoms don't normally start till 6weeks or so. Enjoy the lack of nausea as you might be getting it soon!

  • Thank you, roxannacar! I'll try to keep cool!!.. Another thing that confuses me is how the weeks are used to describe how the woman might feel. On friday the doc said I was 4w+5days. That means today I should be 4weeks+7days, ergo tomorrow I start week 5? The descriptions I see online about how you feel and how the baby develops, I am not sure whether they are always dated the same: are they talking about the weeks accomplished (5 weeks meaning 5 weeks are over and in the process of the 6th, like with birthdays) or the week that is in progress (in week 5, meaning 4 weeks are accomplished and week 5 is unfolding...)

    In any case I take from it all best not to worry and just bide my time...

  • Hey not to worry it's too early to find the symptoms wait till 6 weeks u will feel all

    Good luck 🍀👍

  • Thank you Muchiya, it helps a lot to get your feedback. I'll feast in the next days on healthy delicious foods until my time is up!

  • Everyone experiences pregnancy differently. With my first I was throwing up every morning before I even knew I was pregnant and I found out at 4 weeks. But then with my second and third it didn't hit till 6 to 8 weeks. So yes it's perfectly normal to not have any symptoms yet or not to feel pregnant. The time will come and you'll be wishing the sickness would go away haha x

  • SC94 thank you! So interesting to hear from you how differently this went for you in different pregnancies. And always with a good pregnancy outcome I presume. So I'll trust the same can be true for me. 😄

  • I'm 9-10 weeks & had no sickness at all, a little nausea, acid reflux, slightly tender breasts but that's it, oh & very very tired, I could sleep for England 😴💤 hope you stay symptom free x

  • Sleeping for England sounds good! I'll take that gladly as a symptom. (sleeping for the whole world, or for peace on earth 😋) . It's fascinating to me that you had no symptoms before then. Really takes the pressure of. Thanks!

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