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History of Ectopic pregnancy, I fear I'm having another

I'm really confused :0( I had slow rise hcg (last bloods rose 28% in 3 days) 22.9 progesterone (borderline, below 20 you start to miscarry). Scan today revealed a mass in my uterus, but no sac or heartbeat, and measuring 4-5 weeks instead of 6+4. They think I will miscarry. I get sent home for bloods and another scan in a week until a phonecall a few hours later from a consultant Gynae. She said she thinks after looking at my notes etc that I'm having another ectopic and to go to surgery tomorrow for examinations, a discussion for my treatment and more than likely surgery. Why if the sonographer saw it in my uterus?! And although low rise hcg signifies a failing pregnancy, women have gone on to have successful births?! I'm scared and don't want them to just go in and take baby just for the fun of it?! Please someone advise?! X

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I've never experienced an ectopic pregnancy myself but they are probably just being extra careful they wouldn't go to the effort of doing surgery etc if they didn't believe it was ectopic. They'll probably double check it all and maybe do more tests before they'd whisk you off to theatre so if you feel that there may be a chance they are wrong ask to view the scan or ask why they believe it's ectopic.. better to ask the questions than regret not asking afterwards. I do hope all works out for you and that it's not ectopic! X


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