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11+5 feeling awful and my liver function test came back low. Had a repeat test yesterday and doctors have booked a phone call for 8.20am

So I've been really poorly with this pregnancy. It's my first and was completely unexpected. I was having tests for PCOS then found out I have PCOS then 2 weeks later found out I was pregnant. I have approx 10 illnesses/disabilities so I knew it was going to be tough. I've come off all my medication (went cold turkey).

Anyway last week my Dr was going to admit to be put on a drip. He decided to give me antisickness tablets instead. These worked for 2 days and I actually ate and put on 4lbs (I've lost about 1 and a half stone since baby was conceived) I'm 11+5. He checked my bloods and my liver function came back as low so I had another test yesterday and they didn't expect the results until Friday.

I am going back to the doctors tomorrow as the antisickness tables have stopped working and I'm now at the lowest I've weighed for 5 years (pre uni days) and I'm losing weight everyday day. Between 1/2 and 1lb.

However I just logged on to check the time of my appointment tomorrow and they have booked a telephone consultation with the Dr I saw last week for 8.20am. I'm petrified something is wrong with my blood results and now can't stop worrying. I can't sleep at all. I don't want to wake my partner as he has to be up at 6am for work and my parents are both ill.

Has anyone else had problems with their liver in early pregnancy?

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