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Mastitis and breastfeeding 3 week old

Hi, I have a 3 week old and have got mastitis for the second time in the same breast. I had it in the first week and had flucloxocillin antibiotics, it was a little painful then and uncomfortable when feeding. This time however it is much worse. It built up quicker, my boob is redder and much more painful, i have the same flucloxocillin antibiotics. I have had much worse symptoms with cold shivers and high temperatures. Has anyone else had symptoms like this or know of preventative measures. I am still breastfeeding and baby latches well.

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If you are not getting better see your GP as you might need intravenous antibiotics.

As for prevention the key is totry and avoid engorgement. After baby feeds massage the breast make sure there are no knotty bits. Might be worth expressing the extra milk and storing it for later use.

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I've had the same symptoms really bad one time and have had mastitis a few times, also always the same side. I find it helps to get the baby to feed more often on the bad side and to massage the lumpy bits whilst you are feeding (push the lumps towards your nipple as if you are trying to push all the milk out). Hope you feel better soon. As for prevention; start doing the above at the first sign of a problem.


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