Heyyyy guys so my family nurse along with so many people suggested I try the implant contraception which after a long thought and consideration I did but soon as I did its just caused me bleeding bleeding and more bleeding I got it done 24th October which was the same day my period has started till today am still bleeding.😑

Is it normal?

Is there anything I should be worried about.?

I pray it don't mess up my fertility as I want more kids in the future.🙄


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4 Replies

  • it can take a while for it to settle down you could pop and see your GP just check they're happy - they will probably say something like give it time to settle

  • Hi

    The same thing happened to me I kept it in for 5 months as my GP insisted I hadn't given it a chance and although the bleeding got lighter I still bled everyday my mood swings were horrific . I had it removed and the bleeding stopped about three days later I had a period about 3 weeks after that I would like to tell you all went back to normal but after that first period I fell pregnant..

  • Very usual with all contraception with progesterone. Hopefully it will settle but it might not. Wait a bit longer tho. As for fertility I had an implant for 5 years, when we tried we got pregnant straight away, so it shouldn't be of any concern,although you do need to wait for it to come out of your system.

  • I work with contraception. Normally 30% of women have no bleeding at all, other 30% have normal periods and other 30% have erratic bleeding. There is not way before hand to know which of these categories you fit in. Just give it time to settle. If the bleeding is unbearable then remove it. But is the contraceptive with the lower failure rate and after it's taken out your fertility is back to normal, obviously give it time to the hormones to come out from your system. I got pregnant after 2 months is been taken out (at 35 y.o) Good luck

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