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I need some advice and don't want to ring my Midwife if it is other nothing as this is my first pregnancy. Today I have been having tight cramps then there easing and a lot of movement more than usual, I also felt like leaking and went to toilet and everything seems fine no blood or anything but I don't understand why I keep feeling leaking from time to time any advice please??

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I would ring the midwife just in case to ease your mind. It might be tmi but i experienced an increase of discharge close to the end , it's not uncommon so it could be that. But as I said, even if it's just to make you feel better, call them, they won't mind at all. Hope all goes well for you 😊

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I would call the midwife. Can be anything from more discharge to your waters actually leaking.

Good luck :)



Do not take a wait and see attitude if your concerned. The midwife is there for you regardless how small the issue may be. Call him/her and speak to them as they are qualified health professionals who know what they are talking about!

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