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Worried for my soon to be neice or nephew


Hi everyone sorry its not for me worried and in need of a few points of view.. my brothers girlfriend is 6 weeks pregnant and is having pains shes been to the doctors hes said its stretching pains.. just wondering if anyone else has had this and did you use anything to help if so what helped the most do you think... ? Thanks all mummys out there xx

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This happened to me. It came and went intermittently. At one point the pains felt like cramp. A hot water bottle helped.

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Thank you il get her to try it see if it helps. Thank you again x

I had this in every pregnancy (3) it's the baby bedding in. Might be worth reading up on ectopic pregnancies and getting familiar with the symptoms just incase. As all 3 times I was scanned as the pain was so bad they weren't sure if I was having an ectopic pregnancy.

Bedding in pains are part of pregnancy and things like paracetamol, baths, hot water bottles (warm not boiling) and rest seem to ease it a little but it can get pretty painful.

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Thank you so much il have a ready up and question her see if she has any other symptoms.. thank you so much x

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