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Fall during pregnancy

I am 24 weeks pregnant and had a fall at the weekend after tripping over a hidden kurb on way to a fireworks display (dark, kurb hidden by leaves)

I've had limited to virtually no movement off my baby and the pain I'm in has actually radiated the full length of my abdominal area.

Been advised to take cocodamol but I can't seem to move without wincing In pain every time

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I would presume you've been to see your midwife? If not I suggest you do ... it's probably ok but they'd check baby out and consider if you need anti D injections.

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Not had chance as happened over weekend, shouldn't need anti d as blood type is A+

Was gunna call the midwife today and see if I can pop in


You can always call the maternity triage if you can't get hold of your midwife.


I'd go see midwife just to double check everything is OK. I fell at the fireworks too was 27 weeks was far too muddy! I managed land sidewards on my hip so didn't land on my back or front. I'm still in pain but my baby is moving plenty. It's always worth seeing midwife if there's a change in movements or if you just don't feel right. Most are happy to see you if you need them too or ring triage at the hospital they defo will if you've fell. Hope all is ok.


If it was me I would put myself on bed rest ! Baby is very cushioned in there so you have taken the fall. Take the opportunity to relax and do nothing for a week or so. Am sure everything will be fine tho.


Call ur midwife best thing to do is get checked out to set ur mind at ease.


Have come up to my local MAU dept. They checked me over but still waiting to be given the all clear to go home


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