Little confuse?!

My due date was 25th October but my periods didn't come on 7th day I checked its positive today I had an appointment with my OB/GYN she checked my hcg positive but she said it's too early to say about where is ur pragnancy stand she did ulterasound but nothing appear means not clear

Is anyone have any idea about it I'm upset because we want baby it's my 1st pragnancy I'm 39 years old ...plz plz reply

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  • For most women, it's a positive pregnancy test and having to wait till your 12 week scan till you know if everything is ok. I wouldn't get upset, a positive is a positive. Keep an eye on your symptoms developing, for me that was an indicator that things were progressing.

  • She draw my blood test too and ask me to visit next again to tell me my exact position

    Hopefully everything will be fine

    Thx for reply

  • I had had an ultrasound at 5 weeks (the date is calculated from the first day of your last period) due to bleeding and they couldn't see anything. After two weeks I had another scan and there was baby's heart beat! So it's quite normal not to see anything early on

  • Thx for reply

    I'm waiting for good

  • Hiya I wouldnt worry about it too much hunni a positive is a positive.. I got a scan at 10 weeks and the sonographer said it was too early to tell my due date as baby was still very small but baby was defiently there with a heartbeat.. got another scan on the 22nd on November where ill be 14 weeks x

  • Oh really !

    Well best of luck! And I hope for the best for me as well

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