first time mum I don't feel like there taking me serious because I am young

hi I'm new here and I was wondering what I should do this is a long story btw so I will start from the start I am 16 year old and I am 33 weeks pregnant but when I was 25 weeks I went in with pains they kept me in for a while keep an eye on me but try to make out I was lying. few weeks later I went in with pains in my ribs my baby wasn't moving then they told my baby would come early so I got ready etc then they told me something else they passed me place to place didn't keep a eye on me in the end they sent me home and I get things change and they have a lot of people to look after but they hardly was even looking after the other women anyway back to the point I just don't think they are taking me serious they have told me I need to stop going in etc other stuff or just call my midwife that's a different story I can never get hold of her and I haven't even met her since they changed my midwife to her I am ill atm have bin for a few days but I dare not go in just in case they say I am over paranoid and think I will not cope but I cant win ever way because if I don't they will say I don't care about my lil girl sorry its so long I am just so mad and want to know other people opinions as I don't know what to do should I go in or should I leave it

please know rude comments please I might be young but I still can be a good mum

forgot put what's up I am bin throwing up for three day I have got like really bad pains I cant even stand properly I have slept in three days because I just cant get sleep this is since the flue jap last week since I started getting this not the things at the top but these thins sorry its so long

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I was 16 when I was pregnant with my first and like you they thought I was just a kid with no idea what I was talking about, if you have any concerns at all regarding your health and that of your baby go in, who cares what they think, if it has been a waste of time then at least you know you and baby are ok, your reassurance is what's important, don't let them make you feel bad there is nothing wrong in trying to keep yourself and baby healthy

It's hard being pregnant so young so don't let anyone put you down. I got pregnant at 17. I ended up with preeclampsia and had really bad headaches to the point I'd scream in pain and I started loosing my vision so I'd fall over stairs. I was in and out of hospital and they did all sorts of tests but ended up sending me home everytime. I was miserable and it took me changing consultants and crying me eyes out in pain in front of them to induce me at 38weeks I was going crazy. So when I got pregnant again at 19 they didn't listen to me again but this time I got pre3clamspia alot earlier and they didn't listen again. In a couple of days my kidney function went from fine to awful and I was really sick but no doctor would listen it was midwives who saw how sick I was and we're telling doctors there's something wrong.. I was induced the next day. Sometimes you jist know your own body which has nothing to do with age! Now I'm 22 pregnant for 3rd time and I'm alot more confident so I don't get pushed around anymore. I fight for me and my baby cos at the end of the day I've been through preeclampsia twice and pushed around twice I won't let it happen again. It ruins your pregnancy. So I know how you feel so don't be disheartened. If you have family take them to your cinsulatnations cos they are more likely to listen if there's an another adult present. Or switch consultants normally if you go to consultant clinic at hospitals they stick you to similar days so you see the same doctors well tell them you wanna switch. Or if you don't feel right see your midwife. My midwife was amazing and is always there.for me. I text her questions even in this pregnancy and she's always ringing or text8nt back. It doesn't matter how stupid or paranoid you feel if you think something is wrong see your midwife or doctor

Hope this help..don't let them ruin your pregnancy you're entitled to opinions and treatment just like any other mother.

It shouldn't matter how old you are your pregnant and deserve the best of care!! If something is worrying you see ur gp or midwife and insist to be seen. Pregnancy is scary at the best of times especially for first time mums ur not alone! if ur midwife isn't helping you can ask to have a different midwife. Just be strong you know ur body and ur baby better than anyone so if u think that something isn't right u dig ur heels in and who cares what other people think about u. My mum had me at 17 and she is the best mum I could ever ask for I hate that people turned there noses up at her and questioned her ability to care for me coz of something stupid like age her strength through all of that passed on to me.

thanks girls my midwife I cant change her as there is only three teen midwife around my area and one of them has moved to a different place in the city so got stay with the one I got I haven't even met her since they changed me over to her and she never answers I have tried and tried to say to them something isn't right but I have got to be careful because of other things anyway thanks :)

It doesn't matter what age you are all first time mummies are exactly the same, it's a new experience , you don't know what to expect, you worry about every illness and ache and pain. I'm sorry you've been treated like this! if it helps my midwife was also a nightmare to get hold of!😊 just got to think, not long to go and if you are really worried go to gp, don't be put off by past experiences .

If you really do want to change your midwife ring the community midwife office. Say you have a midwife currently and you don't feel comfortable with her and it's not benefiting you the baby or your pregnancy. They will have to switch you.. you might not get a teen specific midwife but they don't want you going to higher bosses and complaining about the lack of service if something was wrong with you. At the end of the day I got taken into hospital yesterday my midwife picked up on small things that many miss. I am previously a preeclamptic twice so she's double thorough. Turns out they gave me wrong medication.for my uti last week so it got really bad it really sick. They have said my preeclampsia will no doubt start soon as my BP is playing around up and down as it normally does lol but I felt comfortable with their judgement. You should have that but you don't so don't put up with it. Get your mum or someone to ring if you're abit shy.

I don't see the point now as only got 7 weeks left I am now coughing up blood etc other stuff and mau having said much just call gp and midwife well I asked before an they said not really any point as only 7 weeks left so

Coughing up blood is never normal.... it's not a normal thing to happen in pregnancy and can have serious cause... were you seen in hospital with this? Was it investigated?

NO hun I called mau they told me call 111 or gp so my mum called 111 they sent a ambulance and the man told me go doctors today but atm they don't have any spaces so my mum got call back at 1ish see if anyone has cancelled there appointment

you need to be seen ASAP, coughing up blood is bad in any circumstances but a lot worse when pregnant, if the doctor wont see you proceed to hospital and refuse to leave until they check whats going on

To be honest if you're not see. Today by the gp you should be heading to A&e. Coughing up blood in pregnancy can be pretty serious so it does need to be checked out today.

i went to the doctors today they they just gave me antibiotics an said my heart rate way abit fast but its normal in pregnancy if they don't work I will go to a and e see what they do or say

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