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Just found out at 26 weeks

l've literally just found out I'm 26 weeks pregnant. I have to admit I have always been in denial about my symptoms. I suffer with PCOS and I'm a weighty girl and having irregular periods are quite normal for me especially around summer time, but since we're now in November, my periods havent changed back. I spoke to my partner about possibly being pregnant in August and both of us thought that this would never happen for us, and he's against having children. I've been suffering with very severe heartburn too which I didn't think was down to anything but my diet in the past few months, so I Went to the doctor last week(I haven't told him this) and went through some tests, and here were are, I'm pregnant. The doctor dated it at 25/26 weeks but she confirmed to me it could be more or less so she's referred me for a dating scan the day I got the tests back. I haven't heard anything from the hospital in regards to this so I'm stuck in a rut. I'm petrified of talking to him about this, because he might think I've known for ages and I haven't. Everyone I've come across seem to be very skeptical of women who find out 5 months plus. I suffer with severe anxiety also and have been having terrifying thoughts about the outcome throughout the week and it feels like I'm torturing myself. I have no idea who to speak to about this and my head is a wreck. I know I have to tell him about this, but I am so scared he might think I kept this from him. Has anyone been through anything similar or can give me some advice on how to deal with this? I feel so isolated right now.

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Hi, I have not been through this but I have a friend who only found out when she was around 8 months.these things can happen and my friend herself was not actually with the father at the time so had to tell him. She did put it off but eventually told him and honestly the best thing you can do is do it as soon as possible, it gives the dad a chance to wrap his head around it and he could possibly join you for your scan at which point I think it will be obvious you did not know as it will be just as new for you. You mentioned he doesn't want children so I know it will be a concern but at this stage all you can do is bite the bullet and tell him.he might surprise himself and you and have a change of heart or it might go a different route but either way you will get through it and once your little one is here all of the anxiety and panic you are feeling now will be worth it.i hope it all goes well got you, best of luck x


First off, I am sorry this has happened to you. PCOS can disguise pregnancy symtoms and this is not uncommon. I agree with the other poster that you should tell the father ASAP, but before you do, have you thought about what you want to do?

First, you need your dating scan asap. I would call your doctor again to get one.

If you're past 24 weeks, you likely will have to continue with the pregnancy. Do you know if you want to parent or give the baby up for adoption? Since your partner doesn't children it is possible he will pressure you. You should think about what you want to do before talking with him so you are prepared in case that happens.


Tell you partner asap! Hiding it may only make it worst. Bless you tho I know it's scary. I have not been through this but I understand the anxiety. I fell pregnant in December last year over the moon and lost it in Feb. And I was diagnosed with ptsd my doctors were amazing they referred me to cbt which helped. I fell pregnant again in march (didn't plan it) my anxiety got worst but you have done the right thing tho sharing on here. But what I found helped me the most is having people to support me so talk to ur partner and family. None of this is ur fault and I hope this all gets figured out. Fingers crossed for you xx


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