25 wks,3rd baby,never had this, both LEGS(not feet or ankle)throbbing pressure agony lky fluid but solid,from top of legs, in agony

As the above sorry new to this site pls any advice welcome, my socks are loose but there's a line where they are, pain so far not went passed ankles, not in my feet, I thought fluid as it was only 1leg and due to line with sock, but both legs are now unbearable pain, dose ease but not always and not when sit down, 🤔??????


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  • Call your midwife or maternity hospital if haven't yet done so. They are best placed to help you. Good luck.

  • Some amount of swelling in the legs and ankles, called edema, can be normal. However, if the swelling came on quickly, this can also be a sign of a disease called pre-eclampsia.

    Since the pain is unbearable, I would seek medical treatment immediately. You should be able to call the maternity ward at your hospital, or you can call 111 as well.

    For more: nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy...

  • If your really swollen get an appointment with your midwife asap just to check your urine for protein and bp cos extreme swelling is sign of preeclampsia. I've had preeclampsia twice and both times I swelled suddenly.. wasn't painful but I guess if you're really swollen it would get painful. Try keep legs elevated as this should get rid of some of the fluid. Hope this helps

  • you should get it checked out by a doctor, my feet kept swelling up but they weren't interested in that just kept telling me that if my legs swell up and become painful to get checked out straight away as can be a sign of a blood clot, and if it travels to your lungs it's dangerous so definitely worth getting into see someone asap to rule everything out!x

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