Flu jab early pregnancy

I'm booked in for Friday for my flu jab I am only 6 and a half weeks pregnant and I've heard loads of scaremongering around getting it and it causing autism and other factors. I had the jab in early pregnancy with my son in 2011 and he is a healthy happy 5 year old but my mind is torn, I suffer from anxiety so I worry about everything.. please share you experiences with the flu jab.


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  • I had mine last Thursday and both me and baby are fine

  • I'm a nurse and give the flu jab (I'm also pregnant and having mine tomorrow) our occupational health nurse recommends it at any stage in pregnancy. I've not heard about the autism risk but rest assured NICE wouldn't recommend it if there was any risk!!!

  • I don't have the jab never have in all 3 of my pregnancies but that's just my opinion. I hate having anything when pregnant I don't even like taking the aspirin for preventing my preeclampsia but I have too. There's loads of stuff on the Internet but once you start reading it all its like scary stories. Do whatever you feel is right for you and your baby. I have heard about the autism connection but somewhere I read says it is the preservative they use but you can ask for a jab without that type of preservative or something.. not sure one of the scary stories said it:) haha hope all goes well for you.

  • Austim and jabs link is completely fictious. I had the jab last year when I was pregnant however I happened to be 28weeks, I also had the whooping cough vaccine at the same time. No problems encountered with it

  • Thank you for all of your replies I'm going to go for it. I did with my son and if I can have another baby like him I would be the happiest woman in the world xx

  • Ugh the doctor who made up the autism was disgraced and rightly so!!! I've had my flu and whooping cough and I will be making sure that me and my baby are vaccinated against everything, people are coming and going from so many different countries now that you don't know what they cud be bringing in with them and a small amount of discomfort can stop horrific diseases from passing to our children! In my old job we had mumps!! Sorry ladies I'm just really annoyed that people believe that doctors and nurses wud be colluding in some great scheme to hurt us or make us ill. There's a you tube video that explains the physiology behind it on a channel called scishow watch it and it explains the mind set really well.

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