Hey girlies , so last Saturday I was due for my period and me and my fiance are ttc, I brought a single clear blue test, and it came up as I am one to two weeks pregnant, I have a docs app tomorrow, but what have others experiences been with digital clearblues? This is the first positive I've had since trying to conceive and praying to God Jr's ligit

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Honestly it's the most reliable test I've used. I kept getting faint lines because I was so early when I found out and the doctor wouldn't believe me.. so I went and got clear blue digital and it said pregnant 1 to 2 weeks.. so that shut them up! Hope everything goes well for you and congratulations!

Is this with the digital or single tests? I've heard there the best but I guess I didnt help my confidence by searching up all over google and seeing the bad reviews. Ive had complications conceiving so I guess I'm just trying to reassure myself so I don't get over exited.

I've used the early indicator clear blue which showed lines which tbh was no different from other early tests I've taken so not worth paying fortune extra for but I've used the digital and like I said they were always accurate for me. Try not to worry about reviews cos if you're gonna be mum you'll see reviews for everything and someone is gonna say don't do this or don't do that or don't buy this. Trust your instincts... I understand you don't wanna get your hopes up but if you did the test right and it says pregnant 1 to 2 weeks... you are pregnant :) if you've had issues conceiving just try get into doctors for a test to make sure as I know it's easier accept it when the doctor tells you themselves you are 100% pregnant.

Thanks :) I brought the digital as hated to kind of have that second doubt in my head, but fingers crossed

I know I'm the same I prefer it in black and white rather than just relying on a line lol! My doctors told me I wasn't pregnant twice because she was blind as a bat and didn't see faint lines. So I bought 4 digital ones and took a photo she couldn't deny it then :)

So it would be a good idea to bring my photo tomorrow? I only have 1 but still lol. Also is it possible to release pregnancy hormones without being pregnant?

Yes haha n I know what you can have chemical pregnancies but I don't think it's that common I'm not sure. I've only ever got positive tests when I was definetly pregnant though.. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you !

I have used those tests in the past although I found the weeks wernt very accurate. when I took the test it says I was 2-3 weeks but when I went to the doctors I was actually 9 weeks!

When i used one it told me i was pregnant 8 days after ovulation so it was super effective for me, but i went for a scan anyways to make sure i was actually pregnant

I took test on expected period day which came positive

I used clear blue digital told me o was 1-2 weeks I was actually 6 weeks pregnant I am now 24 weeks worked quite well

Thank you so much for making the wait that much more positive for me, I was really doubting I was pregnant, but I went to the doctors, and confirmed, I have a little bean sprout in me!!

JAndrew, I'm feeling exactly the same. I just found out on Saturday that I am pregnant, we have been trying since July! I did the Clear Blue test, 2 packs but not the digital. The first test didn't work (nothing appeared in the control window) so I tried it again that afternoon & it worked straight away! But, I'm still doubting myself for some strange reason! Even though my breasts are very heavy & a late period! I went to the doctor who said there is no reason to do another test there. Just waiting on my antenatal appointment now! Congratulations on your pregnancy! ☺️

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