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28 week scan today, should I be worried with results

ok so as title says I had my 28 week scan today, baby is measuring in the 95th already weighing in at 2lb 15 oz, also they checked my blood pressure it was high at 130/90 and my urine had protein in it well obviously these are both signs of preeclampsia, eventually my blood pressure came down and they did blood tests and further urine test and they said everything looked ok for the time being, well this is obviously a concern for me, I had preeclampsia in my first pregnancy so I know how bad it can get, there going to keep an eye on it but im now freaked out, can anyone give me some reassurance

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Don't panic! The measurements they take are not always accurate. My close friend was induced 4 weeks early a couple of weeks ago because they said baby had stopped growing and was only 2lbs at 36 weeks. When he arrived he was 6lb 9oz. A good size. And I was told my baby was going to be 9 or 10lb yet at 41 weeks Niamh was a perfect 7lb 4oz.

Preeclampsia. Scary for you! Firstly don't stress about it! The midwives know what they are doing. 😘 I started with it at 39/40 weeks and was tested every day to keep an eye on it. They decided to induce me at 40+4, and throughout that time my protein levels and blood pressure kept going up and up. The test they did the evening before I had Niamh actually went back to normal. No protein or high bp. Want on its own. Just relax and take each day as it comes. Nothing more you can do. Just look after yourself and that little squidge in your tummy. Xx


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