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All day sickness and nausea!


Hello all,

I am almost 9 weeks pregnant and suffering with the most awful sickness and nausea.

Week 7 the nausea kicked in, before that I only had a few dull pains in terms of any pregnancy symptoms. Week 8 has been non stop sickness, hunger obviously makes it worse but I'm finding it hard to eat when everything makes me feel sick and when I do eventually struggle to eat, shortly after it comes back up! So then the hunger starts again and it's a vicious circle.

I'm finding myself upset all the time and struggling to get on at work with it.

Drs today have given me anti sickness tablets but instructed me to only take them when I really need them. Which now has put doubts in my head as to wether I should even take them! Anyone else take these?

I've tried ginger, dry toast, crackers, lucazade all the things I'm reading have helped others but nothing is easing.

Is anyone else in the same boat?

The nurse told me today it could be a sign of twins!!!!

I used to fear the birth part but now I wish I could fast forward to it! Here's hoping it turns around by week 12 I def can't do a whole pregnancy like this!

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I was the same I suffered really badly with sickness from about 7 weeks till 13 weeks and sorry to say sometimes it does not get easier, nothing would stay down for me I was put on a range of anti sickness tablets which same with you I had the fear is it ok to take them, but they do help I would take them I took my everyday and it did help but once the sickness stopped I never took anymore, now I am 26 weeks pregnant and no sickness.

Megten in reply to jade97

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'm glad I'm not alone gives me some comfort. I've just never known of anyone to go through this so bad. I haven't taken the tablets just yet but I may have to as of tomorrow seeing as I've been sick about 3 more times just since I posted this. I'm glad you are feeling better, i wouldn't wish this on anyone!

jade97 in reply to Megten

I know how you feel I was sick all day and night I never had 5 minutes without being sick, it stopped everything I did.

My dear im suffering just like you.. Im 8 weeks pregnant.. NOTHING CAN HELP:(

I tried the sickness tablets but unfortunately it did nothing and I was affraid im harming my baby, so I stopped

lemon is my best friend in this journey

I wish in my next visit.. the dr will tell me "its twins" im sure it will make me stronger LOL

My prayers to you and for all pregnant women who's suffering all over the world:)

Tablets didn't help me ... unfortunately crisps did, and bread and high carb stuff 😱 But luckily by week 15 it was gone! Even though it might not completely disappear it should get better. I used to have a banana by my bedside so I wake I up I eat, as when I left a gap for breakfast I'd get nausea.

Sheare in reply to roxannacar

Roxanna car - I'm exactly the same, I have to eat high carb food, that's the only thing that gets me through the day at work. Unfortunately I've put on a stone already which has really upset me. As I'm only in my first trimester. But if I don't, I feel very nauseous and need to vomit. I can't drink water either as I then need to vomit straight away, so I'm drinking squash to help keep me hydrated. I'm now vomiting every morning and I'm currently 11 -12weeks but not fully sure but will have my scan tomorrow. Really hope this feeling ends soon. I never knew morning sickness was this bad!!


Hi Megten and N89sw. Sorry to hear you're suffering so badly with morning sickness. We recommend speaking to your midwife or GP as you may be suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum. You can find some more information on HG on our website:

You just explained EXACTLY what i am going through same weeks as well. also hoping week 12 will be my turn around.

I am sorry to tell u that with my first pregnancy I was naucious and throwing up for 6 1/2 months I was still throwing up in delivery! Before I got pregnant I was 15/20 Lbs under weight. Evem though I threw almost everything for 6 months I gained 40 lbs! Still today it i can put no logic to it is seems theoretically im possible. I do hope you get thru this time quickly.

Hi I had really bad sickness aswell. I had a condition called as hyperemisis and I too took anti sickness medication to help me however, I ended up in hospital twice throughout my pregnancy and feeling dehydrated too. The trouble is you can try anything but, some people have sickness all the way through or some people find it slowly gets better by itself. If tablets ain't helping seek more medical advice and ask about other medications you could take as there are different medications for sickness... what helped for me was eating balanced diet but smaller meals.

Eating crackers before getting up in a morning and not rushing so when you wake up just lay ther for a good 20 minutes then allow your body to get up.

Remember drink plenty fluids as fluids help keep us dehydrated.

Hope this helps :) all the best.

Oh and Warm drinks aswell seemed to work better for me like Horlicks or cup of tea. Worth a try :)

I'm having the same issue and my midwife has recommended something called an accupin? Apparently it's a small pin that pushes on a pressure point on your wrist and is secured with a band that you wear - it's supposedly highly effective at reducing sickness and nausea! I'm considering it, but can't seem to find any information about it online!

Hidden in reply to RachL

You can get travel sickness bands which sound like the same thing, like a wrist sweat band with a button sewn on the inside.

Thanks for all your comments and advice ladies. I still haven't taken the anti sickness tablets but am pretty much still the same. I had my first midwife appointment yesterday and I was sick all the way to the place and had bad nausea in there. She has assured me that all these strong symptoms are good signs of a strong pregnancy and hopefully ease off after 16 weeks. She's given me a number for an acupuncture clinic at my local hospital and hopefully they can fit me in this week - I'm on a waiting list for cancellations. So I will let you know how I get on. Apparently it is supposed to really help - we shall see!

I just want to crave and enjoy food again and feel my normal self.

Been to 2 sessions of acupuncture and can't say I feel any difference. I'm now 13weeks and still being sick almost everyday multiple times a day. Had our scan last week that confirmed 1 baby not twins. Just got to keep on going to the 16 week mark and hope it changes around!

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