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Had a d&e after missed miscarriage and now 51 days late for 2nd period after with neg urine and blood tests

Hi everyone I am new to this sort of thing but I am hoping to get some help and some opinions -- June 27th I went for a d&e due to a missed miscarriage it took me 7 weeks to have my first period back which lasted for 7 days. I am now currently 51 days late for my second I have taken about 15 urine tests all negative except 1 blood test after that positive came up negative. My stomach is extended again I have gained weight, I am always hungry, always going to the bathroom, discharge and no signs of my period just every once in a while slight cramps, I feel flutters every now and then but I don't know if it is me just wanting to be. I went to the doctor they ran more blood work to check all kinds of levels and everything was normal. He also stated that it may be my hormones still out of wack but he ordered me an ultrasound and I am going today I was just wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this and what was your outcome.

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Also to add to that I have had constant unbelievable awful burning heart burn from my stomach to my throat that.

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