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Follow up on my pregnancy

I started having severe pain on Friday night and went to ER...They did an abdominal ultrasound and my HCG levels were back down to negative.They tried to give me a random explanation as to what was going on...but a nurse I used to work with.said she believed I had a miscarriage and that the hospital staff was just covering each other's asses so I couldn't prove that I had been pregnant.They covered up their tracks,and I can't prove any of it.But I know what I felt and I know what she told me was accurate.Its not a big area where I live.Its almost like a "Mafia"mentality.There is several big doctors and they run the show.It isn't fair,but it is true.Im still two days away from my scheduled ultrasound,but I know they will never admit the truth.They were negligent,but I can't prove any of it.Beware of big business,cause they will not go down easy.I pray you all have better luck than I have.Im coping with my loss on my own.

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Im sorry you feel that way. Did you have a previous positive test or was it just a late period?

The only thing is that maybe they didn't want to tell you that until they confirmed it. However I'm sorry to inform you tho that negligence is unlikely to have anyhing to do it with. Miscarriage is very common (c. 1 in 5 pregnancies) and there is not much that can be done to prevent a miscarriage, and the baby can't survive unless it's at least 24 weeks or so (even then it's not guaranteed).

If you truly believe it to be the case write a compliant letter asking for explanations. If you say they were negligent then you can sue them, but if you can't prove it, how can you tell that they were negligent?


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