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Teething and diarrhoea

My son is 5 months old and he has a lot of teething signs as drooling, biting, he's irritable, his hands are always in his mouth... But since a couple of days ago I have to change his nappy at least every 45 minutes as he poops quite often. It's a small amount of poo, more like a diarrhoea (liquid) and it's not a lot but it's very frequent. He hasn't lost his appetite, his weight is still OK and I can't notice any mood changing... Can I relate this to him teething?

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It could be. Even if it's not, as long as he's drinking good amounts and is otherwise himself it should be ok. have you started weaning? Different foods/drinks can also change their poopy ... My daughter was very constipated when we started weaning, but I'm sure it can go the other way too.


Oh goodness, teething can go on for ages before any teeth break through, so don't worry too much. If gums are sore this can upset appetite too - make sure he's getting plenty of breast or formula milk....or really runny porridge if you've started him on solids. My lo had severe diarrohea around the time he was 6 months, lasted a month and at times was even a bright green. He lost a lot of his baby fat and doctors couldn't tell me why. They just told me it would clear up at some point and not to worry as long as he was hydrated (more than 6 very wet nappies a day.) I stopped using wet wipes and only used warm water with cotton wool, patting dry with paper before replacing the nappy - this helped reduce the nappy rash immediately. Also, we bought a potty and for a couple of 5-10 min sessions a day, popped him on and read stories or played - this gave us a little controlled air bum time too. It's tough and relentless but will get better. If in any doubt, take a sample to your doctor and get them to check it to ensure it's not a bug that requires treatment. Good luck xx


Kids can get anything when they're teething, Snotty noses, upset tummy, rashes. My boy used to be Snotty when he was teething and other friends kids used to get a combination of all of the above. Best to get them checked out by GPS or health visitors but if they're fine otherwise I wouldn't worry. First children you always worry but that's the joy of being a parent!! Hope this helps put your mind at ease.😃


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