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Hi, im shana. I have had to go for a c-section for the delivery of my first child, I'm booked in for just over 2 weeks away. My midwife showed us around the hospital and theatre last week and since then I have been so scared. I'm not worried about operations as I've had a few before but I have had a spinal tap (which is what I'll be getting for this) before and during recovery I got really panicked and felt trapped, I kept trying to pull myself up etc. I'm worried that I'm going to have the same experience in surgery. I know I will be fine for the start but I'm worried about the closing up half as she said it would take 40 odd minutes. I just wanted to ask anyone who has had one does it feel like that long in the moment? Been having awful nightmares since just thinuking about it so would help to heareduce from people already experiencd. Thank you x

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  • hi, I had an emergency c section earlier this year. The whole procedure took about 40 minutes, including stitching up. I was shocked how quick it was. To be honest, once my daughter was born, I was barely aware of what the surgeons were doing as all of my attention was on her. I then fed her in recovery. If you have any concerns, I'm sure the theatre team or your midwife will be able to put you at rest. Good luck x

  • Thank you, I think it's just when you hear 40 minutes you are just like, that's such a long time! You have definitely eased my mind thank you x

  • I think they tell you a certain time because it can vary depending on the theatre team and because a c section is major surgery, so it may take longer, just sharing my experience :)

  • I have had 2 sections an emergency and a planned and the planned was lovely. My husband couldn't think of anything to talk about during the emergency as I was stressing so he came prepared with 15 topics of conversation to distract me such as Ant or Dec, Harry Potter or Lord of the rings.

    Ask your birthing partner to think of things to talk about and the time flies by. Good luck! X

  • Oh that's a good idea, I'll get thinking of what we can chat about and write them down. Thanks so much!

  • I am having my second csection a little over two weeks from today. They will have ur baby out within the first ten min from that point u will be all eyes on ur angel and the time will fly by! I'm currently dealing with severe pelvic pain that has left me completely helpless and crippled..advice is greatly appreciated...

  • Thank you for your advice, everyone seems to say it goes by quick so hopefully I won't notice! I've had some pelvic pain also, they say it's very common around this time as baby drops to get ready for delivery and it can be worse for some than others. Just rest as much as you can and if it gets too much you should ring your midwife. If you are able I would try to get a pregnancy massage at a spa, they are honestly so relaxing, you feel like you are walking on a cloud after it . Good luck with everything and hope your pain eases xx

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