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Women that are pregnant

Hiya l am Emma l just found out that l am pregnant 2-3 weeks but l am bleeding like a period feeling is it normal with cramping feeling l am worried this different from two pregnancy l had in the past can anyone help me to put mind at rest l have spoken to the doctors but they said it's nothing to be concerned about but it is if the blood is red colour what does it mean thanks

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Hi, no, bleeding is never "normal" during pregnancy. I would go to the early unit pregnancy dept. in the hospital. How did you find out you are pregnant? Because at week 2, the egg is still traveling through Fallopian tubes and is not inserted into the womb. The start of the pregnancy is counted from the first day of your last period.

Good luck.


Hiya I'm on my 3rd pregnancy now and I've bled everytime. They say to worry if it's red because that means the blood is fresh and is currently bleeding but sometimes you can pass brownish looking blood and that's old blood maybe from when it's implanted. It is common to have spotting at the beginning which is only a very small amount of red or brown or pink blood. If you are bleeding put a sanitary pad on for half an hour. After the time passes check the pad if there's a lot of blood or more than just a couple spots go to EPU at the hospital. They'll probably do a speculum and maybe an internal ultrasound but it's hard to see anything that early. Try not to worry!

With my first pregnancy I bled on and off till week 13 just small spotting every now and then. Then when I hit week 13 thinking yay I got past 12.weeks I had a pain and couldn't really move when I stood up blood literally gushed through my tights and underwear. I genuinely thought I lost the baby but magically I didn't he was perfectly fine. They said they think I had a blood pocket which burst that's why it came all at once or some people have sensitive cervix's so when things change it can cause ble3ding. With my 2nd I just spotted on and off all the way through and this pregnancy I passed brown blood one day and they checked but everything was fine. My baby was a twin and the twin didn't form so it could have been my body trying to miscarry the empty sac but my body ending up absorbing it. I have 2 healthy toddlers and one healthy baby in my belly. It's hard when you're going through it cos alot of the time there's no answer to why people bleed in pregnancy they just do. If you don't fill the pad too much ring your local children's centre and ask for a midwife to ring you back explain the situation if you haven't already been referred to them and they might want to see you.

Hope this helps and hope it all goes well for you!


Bleeding can be normal for many women; which puzzles doctors. Only if u have severe cramps and severe clotting; that's when to worry. I have had 5 pregnancies with bleeding and they were all full term.πŸ˜‰

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Might be implantation bleed hun x I had similar x if bright red or still worried speak to doc xx


My first pregnancy was normal, second one 6 months of bleeding, third one 4 months of bleeding, fourth one was normal, fifth one was normal, sixth one was normal, seventh one was normal, eighth one was 4 months of bleeding, ninth one was 4 months of bleeding; and I'm currently prego 15 weeks, and have been bleeding since July.

All nine pregnancies were full term. This puzzles doctors to this day. So it's 100%. Plays able to bleed and have healthy baby.


Yeah the pain has stopped but still bleeding not alot now but l am not getting the answers l need to weather my baby is fine tho l have had it for 5 days now why hasn't it stopped that's why l am so worried if l lost my baby even tho l am peeing alot could l still be pregnant that's the question they won't tel me if the baby is alive or not they haven't done any tests or anything on me since it happened they told me to stay at home even tho its wrong cause anything could of happened in that 5 days of worry


I've bleed in all my pregnancies av lost 4 babies & got 2 babies, a always got told that bleeding is normal but only a very small amount, if your worried ad get checked out just in case, cause they can't always be right & good luck x


No, u can have periods, too! Doctors , to this day still can't figure it out! So follow ur instinct!


Well l am getting a appointment on Monday for an early scan too see if my baby is okay or l am having a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy cause l am bleeding still but not alot now just wondering of that's a good sign or should l be worried still


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